roses and coffee and scones,cupcakes and sunsets, fabulous dresses and crazy baby eyes! Yowzer!

So, like so so many of you my first thought upon waking is..."where's my coffee?" But I think this is really only true with me in the warmer months...because I'm a lover of Iced Coffee waaaay more than hot.

Sometimes me and Aaron go for a quick ride and grab a couple cups from somewhere and then we usually hunt down a couple scones (my biggest addiction in life...SCONES!) But since that's costly on both money and time, we keep a pitcher in the fridge of New Orleans Roast from Rook Coffee Roasters...The best coffee in the world...and they are 5 minutes away. (we ran out yesterday and Aar went and got another pound this morning on his bike...and two Scone Pony scones, which Rook keeps stocked!)

Anyway, I bring this up because today I made the brew too strong...and even though I need my and caffeine do not mix well. My heart starts skipping a beat and I feel so nutso that all I want to do is lay'd think it would have me running in circles but I get so past that point that I could actually just sleep! So, me and Aar made a rare decision....we took a nap. My heart and brain needed it...and his leg needed it ( the running and bike riding have been taking their toll on the screws in his leg...yes, he's part robot, like most peeps after a car crash.) But, yet again...where am I going with this? Sorry, the caffeine still has me in it's claws. Well, you can see from the pics...we've got some new hand painted flower pots...some pink and white to add to our pale greeny/aqua ones. And another Cupcakes sign very much like the one we did a little while back on a very old board we found...but this one is on a new one that we aged a bit ourselves...(I made it read this blog post and it grew a gray beard...what an exciting Nap Story!)....So, look for these new doodads in the shop.

The 30 day photo challenge has been a real lightning rod for me creatively/spiritually. It keeps me thinking keeps me blogging frequently...and it gets me out of the house. The assignment from the other day was Sunset and I was in the studio and saw that the sun was just about in it's last stages of descent. So I told Aar-" Let's go now, and get the sunset pic, before we miss it...where's the best spot to see the sunset?"

We first drove to a spot where we knew it would be sinking into the treeline...and then after some shots there we took a quick drive down to the boat harbor in nearby Belmar...good idea. I got my final sunset shot with about 30 seconds to spare before the sun was all gone...and it was spectacular that our left and right, like a dozen or so other people followed our lead and hopped out of their cars for a look and a pic. Scroll down to see the pics...and the pics for day 13 and 14...this is a catch up post!

Day 12: Sunset

And for Day 13 it was a very easy decision for me. The assignment being: Me and 13 Things. My vintage stuffed bunnies were the obvious choice...I LOVE these guys! Aar had to snap the pic for me, because as you can see, my hands were full.

No, day 14 was not black dress day...nope, just decided to squeeze these pics in here...ya know, like a brief intermission...sorta a word from our sponsors. And by this I mean: Shabby Apple! Yes, the makers of this amazing dress! I got it from them a little while back and I've been dying to share it and them with you. It's my absolute fave! It's called the La Noche Negra...regularly 78.00...but on sale right now for 58.50! It's perfect for me...wide shoulders, gold metallic buttons, a military inspired feel, bold collar, puckered sleeves, and tulip skirt - perfectly proportioned with banded waistline - just the slimming effect I need right now! I also included a pic of it on a model...and as you can see...her arms aren't as in love with Scones as mine are!

Shabby Apple makes women's dresses, little girls dresses, and maternity dresses. As well as fabulous swimwear and Plus sizes! And they are a super fab outfit...they give 5% of net dress sales to women's charities...every 100 dollar donation to Shabby Apple provides at least 2o women in need with financial services and a chance to live a life without poverty. You can check them out on Facebook...AND, here's the kicker...You will get a 10% off coupon code by reading about them write this down, or type it, or copy/paste it somewhere:


And don't forget to "like" Shabby Apple on facebook! They keep us friends up to date on all sorts of good stuff! :)

Ok, I can hear Etta James singing "At Last...(this post is ending)"... I also can hear that it's now raining outside...another factor that caused the nap I'm and Aaron both get effected by whole body and soul...and his leg hardware aches.

Day 14: Eyes.

Another easy choice for me...I love my old baby heads...and mostly their eyes...glazed with age...all googly from years of use...and this one in particular is without eyelashes...well, he still has eyelashes...but they seemed to have dropped out of sight...ya know, they rolled back into his head. It happens to the best of us.

Alright, back soon...thanks for reading...hope you all are having a wonderful day/night/week/June!

xoxo, Jenny


  1. i love your hair
    & all that's
    rosy here! xo

  2. Oh! You look so precious with your bunnies! ♥

  3. Well thank you so so much Rachel! What a lil' sweetie!! Thanks so much for visiting!! xo

  4. Ohh Holly... thanks! These bunnies are some of my absolute fave things! Their faded and loved pastel fur makes my heart so happy! Thanks so much for popping in!!

    Happy Summer!

  5. Such a cute post Jenny!

    I love that dress on you and those cute little bunnies~~so sweet :)
    Be careful with the caffeine girlie!

    Hope you and Aaorn have a great weekend! I am so glad it is Friday!!I have had a crazy work week.

    Hugs coming your way,
    Kay Elen

  6. Just came across your bloggy here and LOVE it! and your pink hair is totally totally rockin! i secretly wish i had cotton candy pink hair. for realz. :) I'll def. be following this awesomeness!

  7. The cupcake sign is adorable! We're calling the house we're moving into in August the Cupcake Cottage because it's bright purple (like a dollop of icing in the woods!) and we're all baking fiends! Made me smile.

  8. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Looks beautiful in black dress...Keep posting..

  9. you seems so FUN! love the hair, love work and the bunnies. i HAD to follow!

  10. Jenny, thanks so much for coming by and saying hi.
    It's so very much appreciated.
    Now about the caffeine? I'm the same way. I have an iced frappuccino from the Starbucks bottle every morning. It has to be no later than noon though.
    Anyway, your photo challenge is awesome. I LOVE the sunset and you and the bunnies.
    LOVE your signs BIG TIME.
    Thanks again for you "LOVE" note.


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