2 VERY exciting events coming up! Will you be joining us?

It's midsummer and I've got my mind on the Fall. But not in a bad way...I'm happy where I'm at but it's just that we've got exciting stuff coming up. First on the list is Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN. It's a huge event and we're thrilled to be teaching. Read some details below and click the links. We'd love to fill our classes with our online friends from across the country...those we've met and have yet to meet. We can't wait to visit the twin cities...we had a connecting flight there back in '07, so we only got to see MN from our plane windows...and it was night! So Creative Connection is in Sept. and Art Is will be in Oct.

Art Is is closer to our neck of the woods...not too long a drive. It's up in Connecticut, and we are used to the drive because we've gone up to Jen Paganelli's Sis Boom events so many times. We had such an amazing time at last year's Art Is and our two new classes are gonna be so in depth...we hope our students leave armed with inspiration and confidence in their abilities. Please check out the details of both events below and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. We are very excited about the classes we've put together and we know that our students will leave enriched and exhausted from the good times. Both events offer so much to the up and coming...or decidedly behind closed doors artist. We created classes that anyone can do but the results will be great works of personal art. You will not be disappointed. So many different kinds of peeps attend and lasting friendships are forged. So ask Santa for an early gift...heck, if you live close, you don't even have to make a trip out of it...you can just sign up for one class...you'll still have a super fab time. There are payment plans etc...Really, I wouldn't push these events if they weren't all that and then some!

The Creative Connection

3 Amazing Days Of

  • Social Media and Business Panels, Tech Workshops and Business Roundtables – for every level of expertise
  • Hands-On Workshops – in knitting, jewelry, sewing, crochet, mixed media, painting, photography, design and more
  • Food Panels and Classes - including Market Place floor demonstrations
  • Pitch Slams
  • ShoppingTHE CREATIVE CONNECTION Market Place is open to the general public as well as TCC attendees. Come shop, see demos and participate in all of the great activities we have in store for you!
  • Special Events:
    Book Launch – Where Women Cook: Celebrate!
    DIYDISH – Live filming
    Where Bloggers Create – Karen Valentine
  • Event Meals – including keynote speakers, expert panels and decorations to match!

Come and experience THE CREATIVE CONNECTION 2011.
The buzz is out. The tone is set.

The momentum of creative and passionate women continues to build.
THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is the place to be!

Our Classes for Creative Connection

"Hooray for Cake"

We've been using cake as a major focal point in our art for over a decade. We love cakes because they're usually synonymous with celebration. In this class we're going to celebrate cake and art. We'll provide lots of our original artwork as a starting point for your own work of cake art. No previous experience is necessary, though we'll have tons of mediums at your disposal. When you think cake, you think recipe. In this course we want to help you find your very own recipe for creating art. Since this class lends itself well to personalization, perhaps you'd like to bring a copy of a treasured family recipe to incorporate into your piece, or a copy of an old photo from a childhood birthday party. We'll have lots of original cake paintings on hand for you to use. You'll be drawing, painting, cutting and pasting, collaging, blending, shading, speckling, doodling, color washing, etc. It's your job to bring a celebratory spirit! In the end, you'll create a piece of artwork that uses some or all of the techniques taught during the class. Each student will leave with a ready-to-hang canvas showcasing her new artistic recipe!

"Lovely Ladies, Layers & Lines"

In this class, we aim to erase many of your artistic fears while giving you the tools and confidence it takes to create a gorgeous multimedia portrait of a stylish retro gal. You'll be tracing, painting, cutting and pasting, collaging, and color washing, etc. We promise that no prior experience in drawing, painting, or collage is necessary. Aside from freeing yourself to create, what’s great about this workshop is that you’ll leave with a unique piece of portrait art for your home. In the end, you'll create a piece of artwork that uses all of the techniques taught during the class. Each student will leave with a read-to-hang canvas showcasing her new artistic skill set!

Art Is...You
In 2011, Art Is...You will celebrate its 5th anniversary. Many alumni will return to the East Coast for their fifth year and will be joined by some wonderful new and friendly faces.

As we shared in our first year, the vision forArt Is...You had been growing in the souls of a number of east coast artists and it grew wings in 2005 when they all got together and decided to make it a reality.

Our philosophy is to create a moment in time where artists, whether they be faculty or students, can come together to share in their passion for creativity. To create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them. Whether creating something is part of your daily routine or indeed the closest to creating has been using a glue stick – there is something for everybody.

In the last four years words of joy and, tears of happiness have been shared . Friendships have been forged and we have witnessed lives changing.

We continue our mission to make this event as accessible as it can be to as many people as possible. We continue to offer various levels of registration, and payment plans with the hope that no matter where an artist is, in their life, they can escape for a few hours, a day or an entire weekend.

Our Art Is...You Classes

Tea & Cake ...or Coffee & Pie
Monday October 10th
6 hour Full Day workshop

No painting skills necessary! :)

You'll start with a blank 16" x 20" canvas and end up with a highly detailed & textured multi-media masterpiece!

Our goal was to create a class that would strip away the fear for any first time painters and yet still hold the attention of and even challenge those who've been wielding brush & palette for years. We'll supply the "head start" for your still life with a variety of our handpainted originals all set and ready for you to "cut & paste" onto your canvas: various cakes, cake slices, coffee & tea cups, pies...and vases brimming with flowers.

You'll create your own table scape, your own backgro und o f vintage style wallpaper, maybe a banner or some bunting with 3 dimensional pom poms. You'll experiment with washes, glazes, drop shadows, creating highlights, and lots of oth er handpainting and collage techniques.
And the best part will be the texture. We'll have an array of fab products & mediums for you to play with (**our secret recipe for amazing ca ke texture that you can see and touch!**)

Again, we promise that even the most timid first timers will end up with a fabulous piece of artwork...And we hope to expand the palettes of you veterans.
(painting shown is just one of many styles you'll get to choose)

Our second workshop is:

"Celebrate Everyday"
Art Journaling Workshop with Jenny & Aaron
Sunday October 9th
6 hour Full Day workshop

Art Journaling is a liberating experience both for the seasoned artist or the total beginner. To start with, there are no lofty expectations. The whole idea of a Journal is that it's between closed covers and who you show it to is up to you.

An Art Journal is a place for 100% free expression. No rules, no boundaries... You don't necessarily have to have anything special to say. It can simply be your daily practice of art, a visual celebration of the everyday.

You can pour a ton of emotion into it or simply use it as a place for practicing new mediums, methods and techniques. Art Journaling has gotten me through lots of dar k winter days and it's sometimes a thrill to go back, flip through your pages at a later date to see a visual record of who, what,why & when.

In this class I'll open up some of my pages to you and together we'll start a brand new Journal using tons of fab techniques...Stamping, collage, sketching, painting, doodling, color washes, easy hand lettering, etc...We'll use paints, ink, markers, pens, glitter, glue, old photos, lots of papers, 3d details, etc....

We will be vending at both events as well! Prints, original paintings, plaques, jewelry and more!

And I just wanted to let you know that we are having a BIG giveaway over on Facebook! Do you "Like"Everyday is a Holiday? If so we LOVE you right back! If not we'd love for you to pop on over and say hello! We will be randomly picking a facebook friend to win a 50.00 gift certificate to our shop!! You have til' Sunday night! So get on over, and like us for your chance to do some shopping! :)

Ok, that's it for now. Just wanted to get the word out to those who don't know about these two amazing events. Again, please contact me with any questions. xoxo, Jenny


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