Cupcakes made to order!

It's great when people use literally incorrectly. They just use it to emphasize...for example, I'll use it now: Here in Jersey it's literally raining cats and dogs. That's actually scary...I hope they come down softly. But anyway, it's raining a whole heck of a lot...and it's not doing anything to break the humidity or cool it off at all. We had to go to the store before and Aaron realized that the umbrella was in the he ran and came back with it while I waited on the porch. He may as well have jumped in a pool. He ran because Mythbusters said so. On their first test they said it didn't matter either way if you walked or ran...but then they changed their assessment...saying that running meant less time spent in the rain...therefore you'd be less wet. Once again...I'm talking gibberish. But it's a rain day.

And that brings me to my next subject...the above and below pictured sign. Accomplished over a couple of rain days...this is a design I've had sketched forever. I've been dying to do a pink bakery box full of cupcakes. Shouldn't EVERY bakery send you out the door with your sweet little treats in pink boxes? I just think it would totally make everything taste even better. :) I'm gonna take more pics tomorrow, because the rain, overcast, gray day, made for some terrible the pics are a bit blurry. But I promise, the colors are fab...the cupcakes look perfect...and just in case you can't tell, this is a nice sized sign...11 x 19 I think. Ready to hang in your retro kitchen or bakery! And it's in the shop now!

The 4th of July was great! The Asbury fireworks were fantastic...the weather perfect...the crowds friendly(if a bit too dense for my taste). It's was me, Aaron, my sis Missy, and bro Walt. We sat smack dab in front of the launch site. We walked to the Asbury boardwalk right from Missy's place, like 3 blocks tops. I loved all the crazy flashing light up stuff that kids had. There was a little booth selling these crazy light up swords with like blinking disco balls on the end. I got a few pics of us during and after the fireworks. Great time.

aww...doesn't Walty look so handsome here? :)

Alright, Just wanted to pop in and say hi! And show you what we've been up to. Hope everyone's 4th was super fun!

I'll be back real soon. xoxo, Jenny


  1. we had some tornado warnings and the electric flickered in and out. fun times! haha.

  2. OK,
    1. People using "literally" when they mean "figuratively" makes me crazy! haha...
    2. I'm pretty sure the mythbusters originally concluded that running in the rain actually made you wetter, but then later the myth was revisited and the findings were opposite, so I'm not sure we will ever know the truth.
    3. Great art, as always.

  3. super cute sign! i love those pink boxes :)

  4. theres a few words and phases that bother me when said or used wrong. I hate when people say pacific instead specific, or when people use an f sound instead of a th. like, wif instead of with of birfday instead of birthday. I hadnt thought about literally before, but I'll be listening now.. and it will probably bug me! theres a few other things and oddly enough I cant think of them at the moment. the funny thing is, Im always misprouncing and saying things wrong! I pretty much just make up new words! oh well.. such is life! I most likely drive some people nuts too! lol! I also never think to use spell check or fix my punctuation and mostly dont capitalize things that should be.. and this I know drives some people crazy! (like my daughter especially!) lol!
    well have a great day Jenny! I'm off to the beach!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing ;)

  6. wow i totally love that sign. and i am in love with your whole blog. and you, because you are an artist/designer like me!!!
    hi from your newest follower :)
    xo dana


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