ME & YOU and some Chevron Love!

Chevron pattern started making the rounds earlier this year throughout blogland...and it's still going strong. We've been big fans for a long time. (vintage chevron scarves and dresses)...and now there are rugs, pillows, bedding, dinnerware, etc. everywhere you look!

A couple chevron designs have been dancing around in our heads for far too long. We took a tiny bit of time away from other work this weekend to work on our first design. And in our favorite color palette. Aqua, pink, cream and a new addition...yellow! A dash of sunshine! We are loving this piece. We have it hanging here at home and it just feels as if it always existed. We love that feeling! It's a familiar pattern, colors, and a font that we love. Makes us think of vintage Vegas lights!

We can imagine this piece as a prop for a super cute wedding! Perfect for the stylish Bride & Groom...the oh so popular and for good reason "photo booth". Whoever your "you & me" happen to friend, sister...significant other...this is your sign.

We've listed it in the shop and it is made to order, allow about 2 weeks. We'd also love to offer customization! Your wedding colors...or bedroom/living room color scheme. Just let us know!

Speaking of rugs,

I'd love a chevron in the kitchen or bedroom. I found a few online a while back including these two from Urban Outfitters. But then... through the amaaazing world of Pinterest, I came upon this fantastic step by step tutorial over at The House of Smiths. As popular as chevron may be, I really don't see it going anywhere for a while, and I just love it graphically. Fashion and decor have always been synonymous.

So, since the 30 Day photo challenge has ended I really do feel like I'm missing something in my day. My friend Natalea hosted one of her own which I hoped to join in on, but we got super busy and I missed a bunch of days.... I really feel that a window was opened for me during those 30 days. And I had been thinking about doing something archival with the pics. I had a recycled journal that just so happen to have about 30 pages ...It's not big enough for a "lay out" type thing...I'll keep it simple...making each page almost all photo. So today I took some time to cover the journal with some paper (more sunny yellow) and printed, and cut my photos. I'm hoping to devote a smidge to it daily just as I did during the challenge. I'll be sure to share it with you guys! is "the little", in one of his favorite spots. It looks as if he is taking paper inventory doesn't it? Calling back ..."mom, we are running low on that aqua dot you like?" :) Yes he says all of this with his eyes! ;)

We announced the winner of the 50.00 gift certificate to our shop, over on Facebook tonight Pop over to see if it was you! ;)

See you soon!
xo Jenny


  1. I also printed my challenge pics and put them into journals with some simple wording because I wanted to have a hardcopy. Now I'm so happy I did! Can't wait to see yours. I know how busy things get, but if you free up some August time I have the prompts ready to go for another group if you want to try and join in then! Hope you are getting to enjoy the looks like you are from your pretty photos! xo nat

  2. Love this post! And I really like the Me and You picure! :) x

  3. love all the pastel colours of everything on your blog! also love your pink hair!

  4. Chevrons are so graphic. I love them. One more thing I need to put on my to do list. You are the best inspiration!

  5. Dearest sweet jenny, that me and you chevron design! And the idea of having it in the photo booth during a wedding is awesome! "the little" is so adorable!! That photo of him made me smile. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  6. Love all your great artistic ideas. Adds a bright and beautiful touch to everyday objects. Life is lived in the little things. Glad to have happened by today.


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