When I was little I'd lay around in my room, leaf through the Spiegel catalog or even the local real estate brochures that I'd grab on my way out the door at Grand Union. I also had a thing for any books/paperwork/accessories that felt "officey". I loved phone books...(one summer I thought I could actually pull off copying it all by hand) I loved the busy work...the stacks of my tangible progress...I'd be able to flip through and gaze at all of my pages at the end of a hard work day... and oh yes, when I played office I put in a FULL work day. I put on my "heels" at 9 and got in the "elevator" down to the car garage at 5. "Elevator" was the top landing of our stairs...the button was a sticker on the railing. Oh, and I knew every word to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5". Whenever my sis and I played office my name would be Jenny Anderson. Definitely inspired by Loni Anderson's character from MacGyver's real last name was Anderson...and I thought I'd marry him. Ohh man I could go on and on with stories here...

but where was I going with this?...yeah day dreams.

I've said it before...I always want to keep this blog light hearted. We all have our own "Stuff" and we know we can put it out there when we need to, and that our blogland neighbors are always there when we need them. Things have been pretty heavy for us here, and for quite a bit of time. Family "stuff" and work "stuff"...some good, some bad, some great, and some awful. We're trying hard to keep balance, and to keep moving, and to stay positive, happy, and creative. I know you get it.

While doing my best to keep all the plates happily spinning, I've also been "daydreaming" with paint. Paint is one of my absolute fave things in existence. One of man's greatest inventions! I say that all the time! Geez! Imagine a world without paint! Ahh!!

This collection has been such therapy for me. I can't really say where I am going with it, but I'm enjoying the blissfully blindfolded ride.

It really is just so freeing for me. These pieces are truly only about color & feeling...thoughts & memories, and hopes & dreams. I'm not thinking about who would want to buy them or if they are the right size, etc...these are just tiny bits of me in the moment. Though...I was totally smiling when I read some of the kind and encouraging words some of you had posted on flickr and pinterest. :) Thank you bunches! :)

Ok, so can you even handle the cuteness here?! These diy paper cameras?! Ahh!! Like grinning-from-ear-to-ear-til-it-hurts cute, right?! It's so hard to pic a fave. I just purchased all 3 sets as a bundle from the talented Mel Stringer. I'll be printing them as soon as I pick up some nice cardstock. How adorbs would these be as party favors or a party project at a kids bday? Ahh!! I can't stand it! Look at the lil' "photos" :) Oh gosh you so have to pop over and visit this talented gal's shop! She really knocks my socks off! :)

and once again... "The little" after a nap. His trademark one flopped ear :)

See you guys soon!
xo Jenny


  1. Hi, Jenny,

    Loved reading this post, every bit.

    I used to pore over the Spiegel catalogue, too, but I don't think I ever put in such a tough early in life work day. Did make a
    "neighborhood newspaper" once, though, come to think of it. My friend's mom made copies of it and we sold it for a quarter maybe.

    And I loved "She works hard for the money..." you could hear that she meant it.

    Love your new pieces!

    xo xo

  2. Love your paintings! the colors are so happy. I'm a day dreamer too :)

  3. Jenny I love your creative 'blocks"!!! I think they are wonderfully creative and colorful!

  4. I too have found that regularly escaping to do something I love helps me balance the plates that life throws at me.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. Darling Daydream collection Miss Jenny! It's always a treat to see what your creative mind dreams up next. Im sorry your having some up's and down's in life right now. I hope diving into your daydreams and artwork bring a little sunshine and happiness your way. :) xoxo,Jenn

  6. I love all of the art you have been doing...I love the words you just wrote....I love your beautiful soul.
    can't wait to meet you at Creative Connection.
    melody ross

  7. I am terrible at commenting on blogs I read, so I'm trying to change. I absolutely LOVE your hair!!!


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