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Hurricane Irene was a gal with some major mood swings. Her effects on the east coast ranged from mild to devastating. It was predicted that our area would be much so that even my friends in England and Australia caught the word and were praying for our safety. A lot of people in our neck of the woods evacuated but we stuck around, hoping that the hype would turn out to be hype. We were lucky. Irene wasn't all that bad to us. Aaron even walked the little pups twice during the early stages of the storm. We were prepared though, candles...tons of snacks... orders to work on and some fun new projects to keep us busy...we were just really hoping for the power to stay on because doing artwork by candlelight just isn't possible. Turns out, the power outage didn't happen til we were in bed anyway...and it was back on by the time we got up. And when we looked outside after Irene departed we were thrilled to see that our neighborhood was pretty free of damage. The Asbury Park boardwalk and neighboring towns weren't as lucky.

Anyway, what we worked on during the storm were these super cute pages of original artwork...ready made for your Art Journal or Scrapbook. They're actually stickers! And we did them in black & white so that you can fill them in with whatever colors you wish and use whatever medium you please...paint, markers, etc...The page you see here features Allie & Amy...a flag banner...roses...a vintage bunny...cupcake...a cake...and an adorable lace scallop. It's in the shop now! We are so psyched about them and we can't wait to see how everyone customizes them and uses them in their layouts, and spreads ! (We'd love to see pics!)

We are already at work on sheets 2, 3 and stay tuned! :) If you'd like to add some Everyday is a Holiday elements to your art journal or scrapbook, pop over to the shop to pick up your very own!

I guess that's it for now. Aaron and I send lots of love to all of you who emailed and messaged us on facebook about staying safe. Your prayers must have worked! :) Thanks again for stopping by today! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Dearest sweet jenny, i am so relief and happy to hear that you and aaron are both safe!! Hurricane Irene really got all of us worry about friends from the east coast! So happy to know you even got some work done during the storm. Your gorgeous pages are soo beautiful and the colors are so inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  2. Stickers are always a sweet idea. 'Glad you guys are safe.

  3. I am so happy you are okay Jenny. The stickers are so so so cute and I'll be buying them when I get some money. :D Big hugs and glad you are okay!

  4. those pages you created remind me of an artist who's work i like (and have). not to say it is exactly similar but they both have that ironic and little girl aspect, and use crafting materials to create the finished product.

    you can google the artist if you like: bonnie lewis art


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