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I mentioned in my last entry that I had printed out my 30 days of photos and was ready to start a happy lil journal project. The book I am using is the perfect length and size for the pics. I didn't want to do big page layouts or lots of additional journaling or anything. It's really all about the photos. And I think this will be such a fun keepsake! :) So here are Day's 1 & 2. Reliving that awful 2 days of the gas leak and no running water! Ohh boy..that hair! Though I am proud to have been a good sport about it! ;)
I have a ton on my plate right now...with orders, and the two very exciting events coming I'm sorta at a snails pace with this journal...but I will indeed work on it whenever I get a moment! And I'll be sure to share with you guys! :) you can follow along on flickr as well! :)

And while I'm on the very close to my heart topic of Art are some pages in progress from one of my in progress journals. Nothing fancy...nothing spectacular...really just relaxing with the process, not overthinking, and having fun. I really can't see an art journal as a place to stress out...or to get upset at mess ups...or a random "lame page" haha. It's just a fun escape. A place to try things out...flush out ideas and emotions. I really love journaling, and I'm so so excited to be hosting a workshop this October!! It will be an ALL day affair!! Imagine...8 hrs of art journaling with a bunch of awesome peeps who totally Get You!! :) What a great feeling and way to spend a fall day!! If you have been looking for something like this, Something that will feed your soul....treat yourself to this amazing retreat!! Art Danbury CT this October! It isn't too late to sign up! We would LOVE to have you!! It is going to be a FUN FUN time!! Lots of brand new tips, tricks, ideas, and techniques to share! :)

For more info click here! :)

I've also been doing some personal painting lately. More abstract than you are used to seeing from me/us. This type of painting is so relaxing for me...totally therapeutic. It's all about vibe, color, feel, mood, shape, and flow. I'm hoping to start a small collection of them. They really make me happy. Aaron is a big big fan of art that's not representational, so he likes these new pieces I'm working on a lot. No rules, no restrictions. :)

ok, see you all soon! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hey Jenny! YOur journaling is lovely! THanks for sharing it with us. You are so creative and your journals look so inspiring and beautiful! :) Keep up the amazing work!!! hugs!

  2. I would totally buy that inspiring!!!


  3. Great journal and painting!

    xo xo from Miami Beach

  4. LOVE your blog! Very inspiring. The colors on your journals and new art piece are great. So happy I found your blog.... would love it if you popped on over to see mine sometime:)
    A Pinch of Prim

  5. I love your new creations! The colors are my favorites and they are just plain happy! Love your journal pages too! Big hugs from me! karen.....

  6. Oh my God. You're just beyond! Found you via bloglovin and now I'm newest follower. How I wish I can draw and gifted an ability to mix colours!


  7. i really love your journaling style - very cool and original. Thank you for sharing it!

    Love, Violette xo


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