Road trip recap, Halloween goodies and our Swag Bag Winners!!

Hey kids!

My goodness it has been just non stop busyness since we got back from MN. So much going on all at one time. We're catching up with everything that was put on pause before we left and now that we're back we're already preparing to leave again for our Art is You trip. This means getting our class details all finalized...and making sure that we've got some good stuff for the vendor market. And by good stuff, I mean Halloween stuff, which you can see some sneak peeks of below. But first I wanted to close out the Creative Connection chapter. To start with, a little slide show of our journey home. Now these aren't your usual travel pics...I'd call these "road" pics...literally. I snapped most all of these out of the passenger side window, sometimes while we were going like don't expect perfectly composed landscapes...these are more like glimpses of the American roadside between Minnesota and New Jersey.

Next, I've got a video here announcing our Creative Connection Swag Bag winners. Please excuse our sleepy headed's a late night for us now that we're back on a semi normal schedule.

(don't forget to pause the blog music before watching...way down at the bottom of this page)

And lastly, as I mentioned up are a couple new Halloween designs. We're excited about these because they're inspired by all of the Art Journaling I've been doing. I'm just so psyched about our new line of original Art Journal stickers...AND our Art Journaling class that we'll be teaching at Art is You...which is just days away!! and it's not to late to decide to come! so sign up! even if it's just for one will not regret it.

So, lot's more Halloween stuff is in the works...hope to post it soon. AND I'm dying to finish some more of these sticker sheets that we've got in progress. They are my absolute FAVE new thing! ok, that's it for now...thanks so so much for stopping by AND for participating in the giveaway. Congrats to the winners! Look forward to a HUGE giveaway coming really soon!

xoxo, Jenny


  1. You two are just too fricken cute! You remind me of my hubby and me and our cha-weenie (or wawa-weenie as I call her) hugs! karen....

  2. Great video.....loved the punk rock bakery.....and looks like Aaron got a treat with the free books.....that made me lol!!!!!

  3. Made my day Jenny and Aaron! So excited to be swag bag winner. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. My kids loved your posted Halloween designs and I loved you video.

  5. As a Midwest girl I love that you took pictures of the cheese! And the fireworks! That punk rock bakery looks amazing - and I, too, am fascinated by those parking towers in Chicago. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Dearest sweet jenny, im loving all your Halloween goodies and congratz to the winners! Loving the video so much! Happy sunday and love to you!

  7. You guys are such a cute couple! My kids loved your posted Halloween designs and I loved you video.


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