Align CenterHey kids! Wowzer! You guys are awesome! Loving all of the ideas you have for using "your" Cuttlebug! It seriously makes me wish that I had 100 to give away! Wouldn't that be so great?! We'd feel like elves over here, stamping boxes and addressing them to happy crafters all over the globe. Well If I ever win big in the penny slots in Atlantic City, you have my word! Cuttlebugs for everyone!! ;)

The giveaway is still going strong! So spread the word! :)

So I posted a poll on my facebook pg yesterday.

Keep Music on my blog? or not.

-Remove it. It's annoying and makes it hard to read
-Keep it. It sets the mood, plus we can turn it off if we want to.

What's your opinion? I know that some of us read blogs in the work place, and that could be an issue. I get it. It's possible we don't like the bloggers choice in music as much as we like thier content. Another valid point.

I'd LOVE to hear what you guys have to say! Please comment here and let me know! :)

We have gotten SO many emails about offering a kit featuring some of our cakes and cupcakes. And after teaching our "Tea & Cake" class at Art Is...You, we decided we needed to get on it right away! :)

Ladies, (and some gents)...


(a paper art kit)
This kit is the paper art version of what we taught at Art Is...You. Same feel and style, but in a scrappy type of kit! All of the images are 100% our handpainted originals, including five brand new handpainted paper patterns and our very own carnival style lettering. This kit is for any skill level, no expertise whatsoever is required...just bring your love for CAKE! Besides cake we wanted to really focus on pattern and color scheme...aqua, pale pink, turquoise, and a bit of red to punch it up...stripes, polka dots, some vintage recipe clipping, and a fantastic hand painted pink damask wallpaper background.
Very detailed instructions included and everything you see here...vintage mocha pom pom trim, pink twine for the bunting, 3d glue dots and adhesive strips, aqua ribbon, water color paper, and an 11" x 14" canvas board.
We just know you'll have a ton a fun with this...and with the Holidays on the way this is the perfect gift for the creative person in your life.

This super fun kit is now in the shop, and all ready to ship! A handful of you artsy gals have already placed your orders! We Thank You for that!! :)

Okie doke kiddos. It's raining here on the shore. The sun has yet to rise, and I am craving some Marzipan tea. Hope you all have a fab day!
Be back soon!! xoxo Jenny


  1. LOVE your blog. I read my favorite blogs via google reader instead of going to the actual blog. Part of why I do that is so I don't have to contend with music. I'm all for personal choice, so if music is your thing you should keep on doing it. I found my work-around.

  2. I'm not really a fan of music on blogs so I keep my computer on mute but it would be awesome if you gave the option to subscribe by email so I could get updates right to my inbox!

  3. Love the music, it does set the mood.
    BUT I find that I start singing when I am trying to read! LOL
    Yep it can be distracting at times, oh and when someone turns my speakers up loud and music comes on yikes.....I jump outta my seat! :-)

    Loves ya girly girl!

  4. Dearest sweet jenny, i guess you know by now i love your blog and work! I am ok with or without music eventho sometimes i do read blogs at work but i always have my headphones plug in. :)
    I am loving your gorgeous new kit! It looks so yummie and the bunting is sooo adorable! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  5. I love your blog <3


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