A walk around the neighborhood.

I Love when the seasons change. The transition periods are the best...because when you're deep into any season it seems to get a bit too extreme in a given direction. But in the first weeks of spring turning into summer and then summer turning into fall...those are the perfect times. We took the pups for a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the change. This is the time of year when it seems cooler inland, and a little warmer down by the ocean.

I've been meaning for a while now to take a stroll around town to take some pics of these big beautiful houses down the Jersey shore. Our town is really a summer town, so at this time of year everyone has already left until next year. And they leave behind these giant white Gatsby houses by the sea.

I don't think anyone lives in the house above. There are a few like that...some of the biggest, prettiest ones are empty. But then you'd be surprised sometimes and see one that looks like it hasn't been lived in for decades and then you'll see a car way back in the driveway, and lights on at night.

I love how in this pic little Jack is just walking past this ghoul who's climbing out of his grave. That kid is so jaded when it comes to zombies...we've let him watch too many movies.

This house below is actually directly on the ocean. If I were to swing my camera around, there would be the Atlantic staring back. And they've got a little putting green right there on the front lawn.

Well, I guess that's it. Just a quick stroll through our neighborhood with the pups. We're so so looking forward to Art is You this weekend. We loved it last year and know that it'll be even better this year. Ok, I'll be back soon!! xoxo, Jenny


  1. The Shore....oh how I miss Rita's lemon water ice doused in vodka....

  2. Dearest sweet jenny, i love when the season change too and i adore fall lots. Too bad we only get summer all year long here in Malaysia! These photos are beautiful and your neighborhood is gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking us along with both of you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Gorgeous!! Can we sneak into one not "lived" in? lol Hugs Grace

  4. Looks like a lovely neighborhood to stroll around! I visited a friend of mine at the Jersey Shore over the summer and was blown away by the gorgeous seaside homes there... Thanks for sharing these lovely shots of your gorgeous neighborhood!

  5. Love this blog ! The pictures are soo much fun to see and dream about what a beautiful area that you live . Thanks soo much for sharing !


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