ahhh Fall!


The Fall is my favorite time of year. I've always associated this with my birthday being in October. But it's a lot of things...the weather of course...and the turning of the leaves...it's like this is the time of year when Earth shows her emotions...and she evokes the same in you. We've been lucky so far temp wise in New Jersey...it's been very mild. The dogs love long walks and the bigger the leaf pile, the more they want to immerse themselves in it. Both of the little guys LOVE leaves.
We've got Thanksgiving approaching, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...so lets look forward to good eating and good shopping.

You may notice the new blog buttons we drew up...they're over there on the right. I've been dying to make this blog a bit more hand made...just needed the time to put these little doodles together...what better time than a great TV Sunday in November right? I put a quick pic on Facebook and already I've been getting messages asking for us to do custom buttons for them. And we certainly will! If you are interested in some illustration work from us just ask...rates will vary I guess...pertaining to the specific job at hand.

Ok, just wanted to pop in to say hi!! I'll be back soon! xoxo, Jenny


  1. I think they're wonderful. It's nice to see such personalization on a blog. Like I said on Facebook, you two would make a cool artsy comic book couple.
    Love it!

  2. would you just stop being so talented! You two kill me! No, really your buttons are amazing!

    Chelsea Ann

  3. Oh i love your blog buttons! how about your buttons that we can add to our own blog? I would love to add that one! :)

  4. Jenny! Your's and Aaron's talents know no bounds - you both continue to amaze me! Love the new blog buttons and how personal they are- great idea! Thank you for always supplying us with such inspiration! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo, Leena

  5. ok 2 stinkin cute friends! Can the 2 of you get any cuter? lol love to push your new cute buttons. Grace xoox

  6. wow, really love your blog...creativity is the key element!!!!


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