Happy Thanksgiving!!

When life is a rollercoaster, thats exactly when you have to be that much more thankful. These are the times when family & friends are needed most and they never seem to fail at brightening your spirits and general situation.
Me and Aaron are just so thankful for everyone who has given us a giant boost when we needed it most. Family, Friends, our wonderfully hilarious pups, our great friends all across the country and the world whom we've met through this amazing community of art and creativity. Probably our favorite times of all were our drives out to some amazing art retreats...no matter how taxing the journey, the payoff of meeting everyone in person is worth it more than words can say. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to all of you...you keep us here and keep us happy!
xoxo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. Dearest sweet jenny and aaron, happy thanksgiving!! I hope you are having a wonderful one! Oh my i love all your adorable little buttons on the links to all your goodies on the side bar! So beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. Hi Jenny!!! I hope you, Aaron and the littles had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I cannot wait to see your always fabulous Christmas decorations and projects!!!! Your creations are always so fun, happy and inspiring. Sorry I haven't visited your blog much lately, but life has been so very busy.

    Michelle xoxo
    p.s. I'm loving your new custom blog buttons!!!


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xo Jenny & Aaron

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