Support Handmade this Holiday Season

We saw recently that Nordstrom decided to take it slow with Christmas...and give Thanksgiving her time to shine. They won't play a carol or deck any halls until the end of November. And we're all for that. The holiday rush is gonna happen no matter let it breathe.

But we're launching these sticker sheets now in the name of going Hand Made for the Holidays! Because as artists/crafters we need a little extra time to make magical holiday goodies. And we're Everyday is a home Easter bunnies sit right beside bottle brush trees and bowls of shiny brites.

So, support Hand Made this Christmas! I've seen lots of posts declaring it and some that pledge to make at least half of their gift giving Hand Made. This is a fab idea...for the givers, the getters, and the makers. We hope with these sticker sheets you can be a giver and a maker all at once...and wouldn't it be great if these showed up at your door as a gift...then you can spread the joy even further!

Ok, just a quick post today...We're super excited about these sticker sheets! We hope they make a lot of you very happy!

xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hey, I grew up in the northwest. Nordstrom's has always start Christmas after Thanksgiving:)

  2. love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...loves soraya..

  3. Love your blog! I will be back! :)


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