Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sparkle this Season! ...and a special secret shopper giveaway!

Cyber Monday was great! Thanks so much to everyone who took advantage of our big sale! We were so thrilled to see so many orders coming in. It really does make us so happy when people get awesome deals....but more than that...we are so flattered when folks come to us for their special gift giving. They've got all the world to choose from...and they come to us!
So it's seems to be the norm now that Cyber Monday gets stretched out to Tuesday, Wed, Thur, and Friday...and we're certainly down with that. As orders come in we morph into Santa's helpers...making, making, making, into the night. So, just in case you didn't get to pick something up yet...not to worry...the 30% off sale is on through Friday!
And just in time for Cyber Week we made two brand new bits of Wearable Winter Wonderland! We LOVE these necklaces...we've deemed our Home for the Holidays collection! And the pics do not do their Glittery Goodness any justice...you gotta see them in person in order to take in all that sparkle.

Ok, one more thing on the topic of this fantastic Cyber Week. A Giveaway Announcement:
A Super Special Surprise Gift for One Cyber Week Shopper!
We're going to gather all of our sale invoices from the very beginning of Cyber Monday to the very end of Cyber Friday. From the invoices we'll select one lucky winner! So to be part of this giveaway all you have to do is take advantage of this fabulous week long sale. And by the weekend we'll pick a winner! The prize is a secret, a surprise...but we promise...it'll be something super fab! So, shop away...and maybe you'll win!
Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who've been supporting Handmade for the Holidays!
xoxo, Jenny

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday! Super SALE!

Jeez, it's been warm here in Jersey. Just yesterday Aaron was riding his bike down the Asbury Park Boardwalk and everyone he saw was dressed in t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses...it was a bit incongruous with the Christmas songs being piped out of every store front. But I'm not complaining...I'll take temps in the high 60's anytime! I'm just wondering, with this beautiful weather...will anyone be home to take advantage of our fantastic Cyber Monday Sale? Ah, what am I saying...you guys can all shop from your tablets...or your iphones...right?
So, like I was saying...and as you can see above...We are having a BIG sale! Every single thing is on sale...30% off your entire order. Shop a little or shop a lot. It's the big ticket items where the savings is the best...like our big menu board...if you've been waiting to get yourself a room-maker like this...now is the time...you'll get a huge chunk of change off.
The sale starts tonight at midnight, New Jersey time...so you west coasters can get a jump on things if you like. And we'll be extending the sale 'til Friday...so it's actually a Cyber Week Sale!
Me and Aaron had a great Thanksgiving. It's so awesome to spend time with family...and eating pie ain't half bad either! And afterward, we were thrilled at the great turnout for our Black Friday Sale. Thanks so much to all of you who picked something up! I've included some pics here of some of our favorites. Despite that lovely weather outside we've been making sure to stay indoors and play the role of perfect Christmas elves. We've been working round the clock to have a bunch of stuff in stock. And I really want to say how much me and Aar truly appreciate you guys...you supporters of the arts. Whether you pick something up from us...or from one of our many amazing artist friends out there...you just totally rule for choosing handmade gifts straight from the hands of artisans. I'll take a handmade gift over anything, any time. I've been seeing so much fab artwork out there...I'm a HUGE fan of so many wonderful folks...and it pleases me so much to see them flourish around the Holidays! So...on my behalf and theirs...Thank You So Much to all of you fabulous collectors!!
Ok, that's it for now...get out there and get shopping...go Handmade for the Holidays! And take advantage of some awesome sales!
xoxo, Jenny

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

When life is a rollercoaster, thats exactly when you have to be that much more thankful. These are the times when family & friends are needed most and they never seem to fail at brightening your spirits and general situation.
Me and Aaron are just so thankful for everyone who has given us a giant boost when we needed it most. Family, Friends, our wonderfully hilarious pups, our great friends all across the country and the world whom we've met through this amazing community of art and creativity. Probably our favorite times of all were our drives out to some amazing art retreats...no matter how taxing the journey, the payoff of meeting everyone in person is worth it more than words can say. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to all of you...you keep us here and keep us happy!
xoxo, Jenny & Aaron

Sunday, November 20, 2011

ahhh Fall!


The Fall is my favorite time of year. I've always associated this with my birthday being in October. But it's a lot of things...the weather of course...and the turning of the leaves...it's like this is the time of year when Earth shows her emotions...and she evokes the same in you. We've been lucky so far temp wise in New Jersey...it's been very mild. The dogs love long walks and the bigger the leaf pile, the more they want to immerse themselves in it. Both of the little guys LOVE leaves.
We've got Thanksgiving approaching, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...so lets look forward to good eating and good shopping.

You may notice the new blog buttons we drew up...they're over there on the right. I've been dying to make this blog a bit more hand made...just needed the time to put these little doodles together...what better time than a great TV Sunday in November right? I put a quick pic on Facebook and already I've been getting messages asking for us to do custom buttons for them. And we certainly will! If you are interested in some illustration work from us just ask...rates will vary I guess...pertaining to the specific job at hand.

Ok, just wanted to pop in to say hi!! I'll be back soon! xoxo, Jenny

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a little Holiday Spirit

We are in the Holiday spirit...but I guess I'm not telling you anything new! This is Everyday is a Holiday right?! But yes, Christmas...as I said before...I'm not rushing it...but we've got holiday make-ables and hang-ables...so we need to get a lil jump on things. We've got a great sale going on in the shop right now. If you spend over 40 bucks you get 15% off...just enter code: crafty. And yes...this is the time to get crafty. We've got the wind and rain whipping at our windows tonight. It's not entirely cold here yet...but the gloom has got us indoors and creating.
Me and Aar have got some big changes ahead...which I'll go into detail about later...but for now we're kinda in the inbetween phase. You know the definition of insanity right?...the whole doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Well, I guess we have to get a
little more sane.

Please check out our new holiday paintings...seen here...and kits...also seen here...and of course...our brand new full color sticker sheets!
I just wanted to pop in...keep this brief and say Hi!

But one last thing...just got this fortune cookie message...I never had one quite so fun and direct...and so apropos!
xoxo, Jenny

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Support Handmade this Holiday Season

We saw recently that Nordstrom decided to take it slow with Christmas...and give Thanksgiving her time to shine. They won't play a carol or deck any halls until the end of November. And we're all for that. The holiday rush is gonna happen no matter what...so let it breathe.

But we're launching these sticker sheets now in the name of going Hand Made for the Holidays! Because as artists/crafters we need a little extra time to make magical holiday goodies. And we're Everyday is a Holiday...at home Easter bunnies sit right beside bottle brush trees and bowls of shiny brites.

So, support Hand Made this Christmas! I've seen lots of posts declaring it and some that pledge to make at least half of their gift giving Hand Made. This is a fab idea...for the givers, the getters, and the makers. We hope with these sticker sheets you can be a giver and a maker all at once...and wouldn't it be great if these showed up at your door as a gift...then you can spread the joy even further!

Ok, just a quick post today...We're super excited about these sticker sheets! We hope they make a lot of you very happy!

xoxo, Jenny

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creativity By the Sea...

I have been dying to spill the beans on this!! Oh my gosh!! Ok ok...I can't give all the info just yet, since we are still waiting for the site to launch. I'm pretty sure we'll be all up and running within the next two weeks! Eeek! So save those pennies and mark those calendars!! :)

Ok so here are some beans for ya! :

MARCH 23- 25 2012

Join us for a weekend that promises to provide boundless creativity and an unbelievable array
of workshops! Your experience at this new and exciting retreat will be enhanced by the location…Ocean Grove. This quaint,Victorian, seashore town will awaken your artistic senses while providing a relaxing atmosphere with the Atlantic Ocean at
your doorstep.

On Saturday and Sunday, a variety of workshops are scheduled, with talented
and experienced Instructors, who will provide the tools to shape you skills
into a rewarding finished project. Classroom settings will transport you to a
new level of creativity by expanding on previous experiences, exploring new
techniques and mediums and also bringing out your hidden talents.

On Friday evening, a Welcome Reception for all Instructors, attendees and Ocean Grove
participating business owners is scheduled from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Saturday evening a Vendor Night is planned, where you and the public will be able to purchase products from instructors, artists, artisans and suppliers.

You will find a list of participating Inns, Bed and Breakfasts and Guest Houses. All are offering special rates for the weekend, and many include a delicious, homemade breakfast. Everything is within walking distance, as Ocean Grove occupies only one square mile. There are also many shops and restaurants located in our lovely, picturesque downtown area. Our location is easily accessible by public transportation with NJ Transit to Asbury Park or Academy Bus, directly to Ocean Grove.

If all of this peaks your interest and sparks your creative energy... mark your calendar for a weekend event in 2012 that will put an end to your
winter boredom!!

Ahhh!! I am just buzzing from excitement! Ocean Grove is pretty much our hometown. We grab coffee and scones and CUPCAKES there all time. I've blogged about Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe more than a few times! And if you are a long time reader you also know about the O.G. Flea! Which draws thousands!

This retreat is going to be so so fabulous! So unique and super fun! And being that it is our hood...we are totally down with adding a special antiquing/sight seeing day, for any of you gals willing to extend the party! :) Ohh and ummm...let me add that we are under an hour from NYC!! So things could really get F.U.N!!! :)

I really was bursting, and am so so glad I was able to give you guys a lil sneaky peek! :) Cannot wait to show you our classes!! Stay tuned!!

In other news...working on a Super Duper cute Christmas kit that totally brings back childhood memories! Think...Colorforms & Dollhouses! ahh!! :)
xoxo Jenny