Friday Favorites!

Hey there!

It's Friday! Annnd it is beautiful here on the N.J.
shore! Oh my gosh! The windows are open the birds are chirping and there is an amazing breeze! Aaron is currently out on a bike ride, a favorite past time of his. It has to be so strange cruising the streets of his know, since we moved back here. We recently took a late night stroll up to the bay walk, which brings you all along Beach Way, and right to the boardwalk, which has rides and stands and all those sorts of shore town things. Sounds of the rollercoaster and the go-carts guy's "one more time around, one more time around". Things I used to hear from my bedroom window as a teen. Town has changed dramatically since then, but these details will allways remain as long as the bay is there, and the amusement park...cotton candy will perfume the breeze, ringing bells and prize buzzers, and weekly fireworks will light the sky.

We've got plans for lots and lots of evenings on the deck, but first we want to stain the floor boards and paint the railings. Soon to come...twinkly lights & comfy cushions, tiki torches & smores. We never really had a winter this year...never a real snowfall...never even a long enough stretch of very cold days. In January and February we were disappointed...but now... bring on Spring!! And please Mother Nature...Do Not skip straight to summer... give us a few beautiful weeks of cool breeze and sunshine...please.

Alright, time to share some favorites!

First up...
The fabulous work of Denise Julia Reytan! These necklaces are just incredible! The texture, color, shape...just gorgeous! I LOOOOVE them! Aaron looked over my shoulder as I was putting this blog together and he went "Whoa! those necklaces are amazing!"

These adooorable doily coasters from Uncommon on etsy. I've had them bookmarked forevs. They are just the perfect balance of vintage and modern! :)

This adoooorbs tutorial! Whimsical patchwork cakes on stands dish towels! A Super fun springtime craft project with friends! LOVE them!

Ohh and these fantastic paper origami lampshades from nellianna on etsy. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have been a fan of these for a while! Just so so cool! Love them!

How cuuuute is this pillow?! I just love everything about this! You know I'm a sucker for black lines over pretty patterns! Much like our Lovely Ladies, Layers & Lines kit! ;)

Okie Doke...
Time for me to get back to work! Lots of painting, packing, shipping, and organizing going on over here! Almost time for spring cleaning! Coming from an apt, we really didn't think of things like washing windows...things are about to get lemony fresh in here! :)

Happy Weekend lovies!
xo Jenny


  1. That patchwork cake tutorial is awesome! Such a great idea :)



  2. Love those coasters! So cute, and they really dress up the drink :)

    Little Lady Little City


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