Friday Favorites!

It's Friday kids! Hooray!! Yes, we still look forward to Fridays even though we work from a home studio. It's not exactly like going to the office every day...we get to blast Pandora all day while snacking on toasted corn muffins...and we get to take quick breaks to cuddle with the pups. But with the change in seasons and the new house we are really looking forward to warm weather weekends! Big plans for the deck and back porch and fencing in the front yard for the pups! We plan on gathering some odd furniture and planters and some pastel summery paints...and getting to work!

We've been taking late night strolls around our town with my brother Jason and my sis Missy. It's so surreal. I never imagined being back here. It's an old beach town with an amusement park, lots of tiny houses with so much potential, whole neighborhoods full of old bungalows...some almost with a summer camp feel...with little court yards behind them. They used to be just summer rentals but now they're year round residences...and sadly, they're mostly neglected as far as repairs and upkeep. All of these tiny little houses in a row. I dream of buying them up, painting them candy for me & each for Missy, Jay and Walt.  

So anyway, here we are. Back in the little Jersey Shore town of my youth. Long ago it was a vacation place but now it's where families work and live all year long. And we're one of them. And like I was saying...we work from we kinda get to see more of this place then most residents I guess. That's why we have to make the best of it. Embrace the days and nights...the indoors and the outdoors...the weekdays and the weekends. 

And...speaking of weekends...enough dreaming and planning and's Friday Favorites time! 

How about this adorable polka dot teal dress? Love the fluttery ruffle! I've been peeking at it all week...I almost feel like I own it already! It is so on my wishlist!

Adoring these! Gold espadrille wedges...I love those 3 words in one sentence! :) And the price is totally right! 

Ever since I was a tiny girl I've collected gemstones, and crystals, and "shiny rocks". My very first piece was from the Museum of Natural History gift shop!  How can you not feel good looking at or holding them? This particular little piece of magic is Aqua Aura Quartz. I love it!

Take a good look...this is not your everyday ice cream sandwich or as we called them growing up in N.J. "Cartwheels". It is an ottoman! Can you even? How much fun would this be in a livingroom? I love love love it! It is just so fun! Too bad it's a bajillion dollars.  :/

I love these "Wall Dots"! They remind me of giant necco wafers. But shiny, and can be hung on your wall to hold fresh cut flowers! They come in a fabulous array of colors! I'd LOVE to hang some in the livingroom!

Thanks for popping in lovies!
Enjoy your weekend!!
xo Jenny


  1. That dress is pure perfection, it really is.
    Have a sweet weekend.

  2. oh i'm in love with that dress! so beautiful :)my favourite colour!


  3. Oh my...those necco vases/wall dots are so sweet and the colors are gorgeous! What a fabulous bunch of finds lady!

  4. very cool blog :) follow you



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