Friday Favorites!

Is it Friday already?! Did the week fly by for you too? I swear it feels like a Wednesday. We've been having a pretty stressful week and the idea of a sunny weekend of yardwork, painting, and cooking yummy stuff on the grill is seriously what the Dr. ordered. Rain was expected for today but instead...Sunshine! I'm a big fan of those sort of surprises. :)
I'm hoping to get over to Lowe's to check out their flower pot and planter selection. I'd love to start livening up the deck with painted pots, furniture and lights!  Speaking of...I love these colorblock painted pots! I'm totally doing some of them!

I don't know what it is about these mugs...they actually seem like they'd take getting used to...but they just make me smile! Love the color washes!

I love these so much! I just think they automatically give the impression that enclosed inside is a magical surprise for the recipient. I should hope that envelopes at the Oscars are as enchanting as these.

If you know me...then you know that I adooooore balloons! For me, a bright bouquet of balloons runs neck and neck with fresh flowers! Call me crazy...but to peek into a room and see a bunch of balloons floating in the perfect's the same as if there is a beautiful vase full of flowers. As soon as I saw these balloon lamps...(yes, those are faux balloons!)...I felt my heart skip a beat! I must must must own them one day!  They offically have rocked my world!

Yes...yet another PERFECT teal sofa! I'd be in real trouble if given the space and pocket change! I know I'd end up being known as the Sofa Lady or something.  This vintage beauty would be a happy happy addition to my world! ;) 

Alright, Marshmallow perfume oil. It can't get better! Well for me anyway. Adorable packaging and available through one of my absolute faaave little shops! Pygmy Hippo!...who I'll be spotlighting very soon! 

Okie Doke kiddos...
Get out there and enjoy your weekend!!
Love ya!
xo Jenny 


  1. every idea looks so cute, I want to try to paint the pots for my garden
    Have a pleasant weekend

  2. What a great list of lovely things! I wish that couch was in my house right now :(

  3. The blue balloons are amazing, I love the idea.

  4. Oh my gosh that vintage sofa and that Marshmallow perfume oil! Perfect!

  5. Aaron and I picked up some flower pots and will be doing some colorblocking very soon! :) Cannot wait to make the deck prettier! :)


  6. Really ...I'd love to be sitting on that sofa...smelling of marshmallow..sipping tea from one of those adorbs mugs!

  7. Ahhhh!! Those envelopes are dreamy...they would be pretty great for my wedding invites. Though...they don't fit the theme at all. Oh well. They are pretty though. Great finds lady!


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