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Hey everyone! We made it! It's Friday! This week was seriously just bananas. Plain and simple.  I'm really ready to take a deep breathe and start the weekend. Even if Aaron and I will be working through till Monday it still feels like a weekend when everyone around you changes their patterns, the neighborhood has different sounds, the daily schedule is off, the twelve o'clock whistle doesn't blow...

The heat is back and in full effect here on the NJ Shore. Some people LOVE it...heading right to the beach to bake and take a few dips in the Atlantic. I myself, prefer closed windows, A/C, ice pops, and shade. I love nights on the beach and cooler days at the beach...we're lucky enough to get a lot of those. But when the heat hits it does so in clusters of days. On those days the traffic jams up and millions go to the beach...nope, that would be torture for me. My brother Jason is one of those heat lovers...if he is already sweating he just figures 'why not sweat even more?'

I really wanted to thank you guys for all of the really lovely comments on our hand painted jumbo vintage style wallpaper! We'd truly love to see pics if you decide to get creative and do a pattern of your own!

As I started gathering up my faves for this week I didn't even realize that I had a color theme (or lack of) going on until I was nearly through. I melt for lots of color but I always start with a neutral base and build from there. I kinda see it as colorizing a black and white or sepia photo. 

The above dress makes me think cafe...tea and cookies or coffee and pastries.  

This photo just totally spoke to me! I would move in in a second! This is so so up my alley! Love everything about it! Our new house is also white with black shutters and our plan is to add black and white stripe awnings in the future! They sure would help to block out the heat.

Love this lamp! Always been such a sucker for birdcages. Love this classic shape! I think this would be lovely in our bedroom.

I'm crazy for gift wrap. Any kind of gift wrap! Solid colors, patterns, fancy, plain. This stack from the Ace Hotel is perfection!  

Gosh I remember being in 5th grade and my friend Shannon would open her lunch box everyday to a baggie of 4 Fudge Stripe cookies! It is impossible for me to not think of her when I see them. This recipe for the homemade version looks amazing! I will so be making them!

What are you loving this week? I've been pinning lots of yummy cold summer drinks over on pinterest that I want to try! This one is the first on my list!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!
xo Jenny


  1. Lovely post, the house is adorable and I would love to live in it any day. The birdhouse is the cutest and the cookies make me think of my mom, you may even find some of them in her cupboard right now if you went to her house. She alway had some on hand. I am going to try that recipe!

  2. That house has charm with a capital C! Our first house was white with black shutters and we added black and gray striped awnings to the front porch and upper window. I loved those awnings!

  3. Loving your faves! That house is AMAZING!!!

  4. sweet stuff jenny! I myself am heading off to the beach today.. however, though my beach will be busy, it wont be anything like what youre talking about.. well first of all its lake ontario.. not the atlantic! lol. but it will work for me. Have a nice weekend Jenny.. stay cool!

  5. Love the house! How fun would it be to love there! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  6. I'm in love with that gift wrap!

  7. I really liked all of the favourite's but the lamp steals first place for me :). what a lovely post. keep it up :D

  8. That house is amazing!! I, too would live there in a hot minute!! And my hubs had to talk me out of buying those fudge striped cookies a few days ago.


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