What's in my Traveling Art Kit?

Hey kids! I've been getting more than a few messages and emails asking what I have in my Summertime Traveling Art Kit! :) Well why don't we have a look?

My favorite and most used brushes. Not too many...just the right ones! Keep it simple!
All purpose scissors.
A paint palette.
A ruler.
A favorite vintage plastic doll...for fun! :)

Vintage trims and lace. Etsy always has a fantastic selection! 
Copic Markers! A favorite of ours for all sorts of art journaling techniques and doodling!
Vintage photos, Everyday is a Holiday sticker sheets and small color copies of our own original art. Perfect for adding to art journal pages or gift tags and cards.
Favorite scrapboooking papers (including our Beach Bungalow collection!) and vintage wallpaper.

More vintage and new trims
Favorite and versatile rubber stamps, and a few stamp pads. Mini alphabets are always great to have on hand.

Assorted craft paints. I love to use acrylics from DecoArt and Martha Stewart in my everyday crafting and art journaling.
Golden Gel Medium for adding bits to journal pages....or even rocks! :)
Some business cards tucked in...you never know when you may meet new friends! :)

Decoupage from DecoArt (same as Mod Podge) as a glue and sealer.

Washi tape! Oh how I adore Washi tape! 

(The florals you see here are our hand painted originals from our Beach Beach Bungalow collection paper packs.)

Aaron and I are splitting our day between work art and personal/home art.  I decided to open up my Traveling Art Kit right here at my coffee table and play in my art journal while waiting on orders to dry.  It's actually really fun to work with only a small selection of favorite supplies. Sometimes having too many supplies at your disposal works as a roadblock. It opens you up to unnecessary hemming and hawing. I feel like I move a lot faster and more deliberate when I have exactly what I need...no more, no less.  

I hope you guys liked the little show and tell! I really can't thank you enough for all of the awesome feedback on our Traveling Art Kit! I've been seeing it pop up on pinterest as well as on some pretty awesome blogs! Such as the fab Prudent Baby! Thanks so much everyone!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
xo Jenny


  1. Looove your traveling art kit Jenny! Your papers are super yummy and screams you and Aaron! Congrats to all your hard work and success! xoxo,Jenn

  2. That is so pretty and I love your little scapbook. I wish I had your talent!



  3. Jenny,
    I've lurked here and on Pinterest way to long. I need to tell you I love your art!!! Your journal from your bag is an inspiration piece. Your story from Art Heals, well the mental health part is my story. The art part I'm working on. Thanks for way more than I can put here,
    Helen xoxo

  4. @Jennifer Hayslip Thanks so so much Jenn!!! so sweet of you!! Ohhh I bet your traveling art kit would be fantastic!! If you make one be sure to link up So I can see! :)

    Thank you so so much for the paper love!!!

    Hope you guys are enjoying your summer so far!!

    Love from the NJ Shore!! xo

  5. @Becky Oh my gosh thanks so so much..you are a silly goose! Anyone could make this box! :)

    And grab a journal...start playing! :)


  6. @Helen Oh my goodness! Big big hugs to you! Thank you so so much for your sweet words! They mean so much to me! :) Thank you!! I assume you do not blog. Feel free to comment on pinterest so I can follow you back! :) Thanks for reaching out!!! So happy to be connected.

  7. I love what you have in your kit!! I know I pinned it :)

  8. Love this. Where did you get the suitcase?

  9. @julie Thanks so so much for sharing the love!! :) xo
    Have a great week! xo

  10. @Amanda Thanks bunches!! We've had it for years! just waiting for a revamp! But I looked on ebay..and I found a few similar.. Here's one...



  11. Now I'm even more jealous of your art kit!! =)

  12. awesome! thanks!

  13. Gosh is there any part of your life that isn't caked in beauty? Seriously.

  14. OMG this is the cutest kit ever!! Thanks for link back :)

  15. I LOVE your blog and all of your artwork. You are truly talented. I was wondering... What your favorite Copic Marker colors are? I would love to know. Thanks!

  16. wow loving those art supplies, you're absolutely fantastic!! :)

  17. I linked back here today on my post.. I can't wait to put together mine! see here http://www.bonitarose.com/2012/07/so-looking-forward-to-this.html

  18. I just found your site today through Pinterest. I love your travel kit idea....wish I had found it a couple of weeks ago. I am away right now but will be home in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get a kit ready for the rest of the summer.


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