A brand new subscription box for crafty gals!

I am so so excited to share this with you! Wait a minute...I think I just heard a collective: "yeah Jenny, what else is new?"...But it's true. This box came into my life, and I instantly thought about sharing it with as many people as possible. And that's when having a blog comes in extremely handy. 
I'm guessing most of you have heard about the ultra cool and very popular subscription services such as  Birchbox, GlossyBox, and Glambox...these services cover some of your beauty desires. And this month I introduced you to one of my fabulous sponsors: It's Paper, Dear...which is also a monthly subscription box, but it's contents are...yes, paper of course...and all sorts of crafty bits to get creative with. 
So now let's get to the root of this blog post. The latest thing that I am so so excited to share with you. And that is the box you see above labeled Craftistas. I was contacted by blogger / entrepreneur Camille.  She was excited about sharing her new project/business called Craftistas,  a brand new subscription service that sends it's members a DIY kit each month. And as with other subscriptions, the monthly DIY project will be a total surprise to subscribers! I love these kinds of surprises. Camille asked if I'd like to "test" one out?! Well, ummm..."of course!" was my answer.  

And as soon as I answered in the affirmative I was enrolled like a whirlwind. I got an email containing a shipping confirmation that my box was shipped. It was here within 4 days. Craftistas kits ship from NY and I am in neighboring NJ, so it may be a bit longer for you west coast or overseas peeps. My box arrived today and I felt like it was my birthday! I couldn't wait to open it! And as I said above...Camille didn't tell me what to expect...which is super fun! I don't know about you...but I'm a big big fan of having a box full of surprises show up on my doorstep each month!

My box arrived all dressed up in super cute wrapping. Minty green tissue, bits of washi tape, crinkle cut kraft paper, baker's twine... these just so happen to be some of my favorite things! :)

And then...the actual contents came into view. Once I laid eyes on the elements of this month's kit I was seriously grinning ear to ear! Fringe! Aqua! Gold! White! Yes! 
Again, I had no idea what to expect...and to tell you the truth, this project was way cooler than I imagined. I love how it's not only crafty, but also so on trend for this summer.  

The only outside assistance I needed to bring to my crafty experience was a glue gun, and scissors to trim off stray bits. I swear, I opened up that box and I simply couldn't control myself. I was already down to business/fun within 10 minutes of it's arrival on my doorstep! I grabbed my glue gun, plugged it in, and read through the GREAT instructions! Full color step by step photos and precise descriptions. The whole project took me less than 10 minutes to complete in full. I don't know if every kit will be as "easy"...which if so...that's totally cool with me...and if not...also totally cool. I almost felt like a cookie monster after I realized I was already finished with my kit. I had gobbled it up! Of course you and some crafty pals could all sign up and plan to do some baking, cooking, crafting, chatting...and stretch the project out into a daylong creative affair. Or you could be a crafty cookie monster like me...and eat it all up in 10 minutes flat! 

I'd say that I was/am thrilled with my Craftistas kit! I couldn't ask for more. Well thats not exactly true...I want more more more! But you know what I mean! From shipping time, to the artful packaging, to the glossy instructions, to the ease of creating such a totally trendy and wearable handmade craft...I completely adore it! And I really am so so curious as to what they have planned for the coming months! As a debut kit they knocked it out of the park! This box contains loads of creative fun for a seasoned crafter ( I teach at art events...so I guess that counts as a "profesh" crafter) or the bright eyed new crafty kid on the block.   

And this kit also inspires you to go further. It gives you the creative nudge...the confidence to start and finish a project. After you're done, you know that you could go shopping for all of these supplies...and make multiples of this necklace for friends, as gifts, or even for a handmade swap...or make more for yourself, in a few color ways. Of course it isn't heirloom jewelry that will last decades. It is indeed glued together. But I have purchased inexpensive trendy accessories from stores like Forever 21, The Icing, etc...that had indeed been put together with hot glue. It's trendy, it's for right now, it's for the moment...and it was fun to make it myself! 
I totally recommend Craftistas kits! High Five Camille! 
I adore my necklace!

xo Jenny


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Jenny!

    I just went and subscribed to their newsletter. I'm now officially a poor college student so I can't afford to pay to receive a package each month, but if I could I would.

    And, I included information about this new craft box subscription in a a post tonight. Even though I can't pay for it right now I too can pass on the information to others.
    Plus I gave a little shout out to you.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Love it! Love love love it! Gah, I really want a subscription :D

  3. Awesome! I went to college with Camille and should be getting my craftistas kit soon. I was super excited to get it, and now that I just saw what is inside I'M EVEN MORE STOKED! Awesome!!!

  4. Great share, Jenny! Love the necklace...it's fab!

  5. AMAZING! In UK we have just had a similar box launched called crafty creative! xxx

  6. Ohmygosh, this is such a cool idea! I love the fact that people are taking a different route when it comes to these boxes, this one looks like so much fun! I love crafts (even though I have two left hands when it comes to them) and I would love to try this out, the necklace you made looks lovely. Do you by any chance know if they ship internationally? x

  7. How fun Jenny! I gotta check this out. :)

  8. Oh, this is great! Love it!! Thanks for sharing such crafty treats!! ;) xo Heather

  9. Such a great idea!! I found your blog from the gfc hop and am following.


  10. Such a cool idea (and that necklace is amazing). Thanks for sharing this, I may definitely become a subscriber myself!



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