Cake, Art Journaling, and some raindrops

This week has been a bit quiet. My little brother Walt is now working full time at his new job doing HVAC. Some days he spends 9 hours on rooftops in 100+ degrees working on commercial units...let me add that the materials they use are metal and reflective.  He comes home some days looking like he had spent a week in the desert. I'm so so proud of him. He has worked so hard this past year, all while dealing with his medical stuff. He has healed amazingly! And is feeling great. He came home from work the other day, zipped in for about 15 mins and mumbled something about having a boating class to go to. Aaron and I squinched our faces in puzzlement, and then shrugged. Typical Walt. This was earlier this week...he now has a boating license. No boat, but a boating license. He makes me laugh. :)

Aaron and I have been busy working on orders and adding some more of our classic imagery to our die cut collection. One of our all time best selling prints is our classic "coconut layer cake"...and it just shines as a wood diecut! We also added the ever so popular "piece of cake" to the collection.  We really like how they turned out! They are in the shop now.

And here is a peek at a Art Journal spread I've been working on the past 2 nights when we unwind...ohhh about 2 am. (we are mega night owls)  I'm pretty obsessed with "black raindrops" right now...well that's what I call them. I've been pinning all sorts of things on pinterest including these fantastic drop wall hooks from Normann -Copenhagen. I would LOVE a wall of them! :)

What have you been up to? Working on any fun projects? Start an art journal? I'd love to hear all about it! :)

xo Jenny


  1. Working on my first art journal and chronicling the highlights of the year so far. I love your Pinterest pins - I always get great ideas from them!

  2. Oh, those cakes are so cute! I love the raindrop hooks too!


  3. Love the art journal idea - I'm inspired! I used to be really arty, but have let it fall by the wayside lately, so this could be a project for me!

  4. An art journal is a great idea - thanks for the inspiration!

  5. First off, what your brother is doing sounds like hard work and a little miserable right now. But as you basically said, it speaks quite a bit to his character and determination that he is working hard! Very cool. I hope his days get a bit easier though!

    Second, Jenny – why are you and Aaron so amazing? Wood die-cut cakes? That is brilliant!!

    Third, YAY art journaling! And really any art in general! You are way too cool. Save some for the rest of us!

  6. Okay, got so excited about the first three things that I forgot about the raindrops! That is so artsy and awesome. I can’t do that in my house though, because it rains allll the time in Seattle, so the last thing we need is rain inside too. =D I like that the drops are black – gives it a very interesting and highly sculptural feel!

  7. That's awesome about your brother! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the cake pieces and the sneaks of your journal page ... and absolutely LOVE those raindrops... wouldn't have a use for them in AZ though... barely rains! lol!!!

  8. Your journal page is so cute! :))

  9. Your cakes are so sweet!! I love seeing your art journal!! The colors always puts a smile on my face! I have been busy working on a crochet and quilting project, and staying cool indoors! Have a great night! xo Heather

  10. I'm so glad I found your blog! You're so talented, I love the raindrops!

  11. Those cakes looks soo yummy! I would love to have those hooks hanging in my house.

  12. I am so happy to hear Walt's doing better!!

    I love what's been 'baking' in your studio...something may have to come live with Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake print. :-)

    Hope you're having a lovely summer!


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