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Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was spent hashing out ideas, planning our week, working on orders, designing, and painting, and we squeezed in some Art Journaling! Isn't Aaron's page so cool? A little exercise in using negative space...and it is in it's early stages. He started to add some color and it looks awesome. I'll share it with you when it's finished. 

I'm all for "pretty"...but sometimes it's about a vibe and a statement. And an Art Journal is the perfect place to play with you more visceral art ideas. I was in the middle of building a layout and really...the words: "Some Things Are Not Important", just appeared on the page in big, maybe a bit harsh lettering. Right over pretty papers, shapes and colors...but it feels totally right.

I'm always on the look out for alphabet stamps, and I found these on ebay for under 5.00! Couldn't pass them up! I love how big they are!

Yep...here is our to-do list for the day/week. More of a rough outline to keep us in check. We kind of jump around and pick away at things.  When you see things as a list it actually makes things way less overwhelming. Even if the list is mega long...I actually say the longer the better. There are no surprises. Or as I put them "wildcards". You can see your "worst case scenario" as far as deadlines and tasks. You can always use different color pen or chalk to prioritize. 

How do you tackle your tasks? I'd love to hear!

Have a Great week guys! 
xo Jenny

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  1. I also use lists in my studio. Sometimes they are obvious things, but they make me feel better to write them down. Do you ever write something that you've already done or know you will finish quickly JUST so you can cross something off! lol Great post! Have a great week. ~Amy

  2. Oh my gosh, I have lists everywhere. To do lists for work, blog, business, life... on my phone, a little notebook I keep in my purse, random pieces of paper... hehe. Same goes with ideas. I need to figure out a nice way to consolidate them!

    I actually just read a post about whiteboard paint today (on Elycia of LoveElycia's blog)! In my future studio (which may be near future rather than far... eep!), that may be just what I need to help stay organized!

    Both of your art journals are so cool, and I love the statements on them! Bold and beautiful. Love it!

  3. @amyecolbum haha I chuckled at your question. :) I actually do indeed add things that I know are super easy to check off...and then pretty much laugh at myself..thinking.."who am I kidding" haha! ah well..whatever it takes right?! :)

    Thanks for popping in!!!!

  4. @Kelsea Echo How'd I miss Elycia's post? I entered the bunny bleu giveaway today! ....ahh..I love them! Cutest little logo ever! I'll pop back over to check out the whiteboard!! :)

    Thanks bunches! I love Aaron's page..another original Aaron quote...he's full of them! Most of them are his song lyrics.

    As always love reading your comments! :) They make my day!


    ps...ohhh I'm excited to hear more about a possible new home! How near future? :)

  5. I used to try and make lists...but then I would have a million of them all over the place and I'd never keep them in check -- so now I have my to-do's in my head ;)

  6. Love the new letter stamps!! Such a great deal! I need to start a list in my studio. I have so many projects that need to be finished, but then I keep starting new ones. Oh, well, they will all get finished sooner or later! Have a great week!! xo Heather

  7. Hello Miss Jenny! Love your journal page and those big stamps are great!! I think a giant chalkboard list would help me, too. Thanks for the idea!
    Michelle xoxo


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