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Wowzer! This has been some week! Aaron I feel like zombies. Doing lots of work will exhaust you. And you'll be twice as zonked out if your work is pulling you in a dozen directions.  That was the case here. We just couldn't tell which way was up. The past few days were just epic. I don't think I've had a real night's sleep in days. It felt more like a handful of naps during which I'd open my eyes every 40 minutes or so to see if it is daylight yet. You know what I mean? Thankfully we don't keep an alarm clock in the bedroom or I'd be sitting up to peek over Aaron to keep checking what time it is. 

If you know me, you know that I adore adore adore! I'd take a bouquet of balloons over flowers! To me they do the same thing to a room! I'd love a "fresh" bouquet of balloons in my living room at all times! And these black & white marbled beauties have me dying to go to the party store! When we teach at art events we always have balloons in our classes, and we were sooo psyched to know that we could purchase our very own mini helium tank to take along! And we don't have to actually travel with the tiny tanks being that they sell them at Walmart, and there is a Walmart within shouting distance of any place we'll ever teach.

I'm a big fan of stamps and these just upped the ante! Aptly named Paper Neighborhood, it's a set of 21 stamps, each depicting a different architectural element that when assembled correctly will create multiple versions of buildings! 

I've come across this style of vintage side board a few times, and I don't think I've ever not drooled. I just adore this. I imagine it in the studio just filled to overflowing with finished art journals!

Yeah ok...all apologies to your diet. I came across these Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Knock your socks off Brownie Bars on pinterest last week. Once again, I had to call Aaron in to see and hear all about them. oink! ;)

I'd LOVE to try this 3 way eyeliner out! Too Faced never lets me down. I own a bunch of their stuff and love it. Below are some of the basic deets.

From the Too Faced site: A triple-tip lash-emphasizing tool that fills in spaces between lashes, giving the natural impression of thicker, more luscious lashes. This innovative 3-in-1 design makes lash emphasizing dots, tight-lining and traditional lash-lining easy. Great for cat eyes!

Alright, thanks for checking out my Faves. I know these took my mind off of the craziness for a little while...hope they do the same for you! Happy Weekend!
xo, Jenny 


  1. Those architecture stamps are amazing!


  2. Those stamps are amazing and love love love that board!!! Amazing faves this week!! And thanks so much for visiting my bloggy (especially Brookie's post!!) -- means a lot to me! :)

  3. How you feel today is exactly how I feel. When I was reading your description I said to myself-hey thats me! LOL My children are so young so they all want me at the same time-they are 3 under 4 LOL

    PS Those brownies are divine!

    Hope you get some rest soon! xox

  4. yeah, those brownies look amazing... :)

  5. Love the first picture!!! So pretty!

  6. Okay, I need those stamps now. Hehe. You know, I've always loved interesting architecture, but never thought to use it as an element in art.

    And... you know how I feel about balloons. =D You would LOVE the balloon store I went to for the balloons in my blog launch photo shoot. It's a party store... and they had an entire BALLOON ROOM. It was seriously epic! With two staff who were specifically there to fill balloon orders. =)

    And good to know that you like Too Faced. I've seen them around and been tempted to buy (admittedly, in large part because I like the packaging... hehe I'm such a sucker for packaging) but I don't often try new beauty brands. I'll have to try them out though!

  7. Those stamps from Paper Neighborhood are amazing! And look to be a lot of fun to play with :)
    And of course, who can pass up a yummy brownie!
    Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!!!

  8. Great blog, thank you for hosting. I followed you on pintrest.


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