Friday Favorites: vintage photobooth photos

vintage photobooth photo 

It feels really good to be getting back into the groove after all the chaos resulting from the storm. It's time once again for Friday Favorites! This week I'm focusing on one of my absolute favorite collectibles...the vintage photo booth photo. I've got a drawer full of them but just because they're in a drawer doesn't mean that they're just hoarded away for my eyes only. Nope, the drawer is simply where the originals stay for safe keeping. I'm happy to say that this is one collectible that gets a whole lot of mileage in my hands. Vintage photobooth pics are amazing source material. We color copy them, blow them up to nice portrait size, and then embellish them with paint. The transformation is fabulous! You'll see below our portraits of Sadie and Molly...we did those a while back but just recently I was pulling out a bunch of inspiration for our new bedroom and those came to mind...they are in the shop now as prints.We're going with grays, and sepia tones, some pewter, metal, parchment...but we'll also be bringing in some gorgeous rose studies and all the colors that inhabit those. So I thought these old photo booth pics would fit in perfectly. And when embellished with paint you can take them in whatever direction you please as far as color palette goes.

hand tinted photobooth... 


"Molly" Vintage photobooth inspired portrait matted ready to frame print by Everyday is a Holiday 

"Sadie" Vintage photobooth inspired portrait matted ready to frame print by Everyday is a Holiday 
We'll definitely be putting together a class involving these. So try to gather some of your faves if you're interested...or start a collection now. They are small and usually very affordable at flea markets etc...It's all about the great things you can do with these pretty gals. 
Thanks so so much for joining me in my first Friday back! Three cheers for normalcy!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. these are so cool! i haven't found any photobooth pics though. Molly is my fav =))

  2. Hi Jenny! I love vintage photo booth photos, also! I just bought my first two recently and it makes me want more! They are so fun and their subjects are so often such wonderful characters! Your paintings based on them are so lovely!
    Michelle xoxo

  3. I adore the last one, thanks for sharing!
    XO Laura

  4. What a sweet collection.


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