a beautiful day on the NJ Shore

I had no idea that life could get so topsy turvy and that all these days could just melt together like this. I never thought I'd go from blogging regularly to almost not at all. Let me first promise that things will be getting back to normal very soon. Our house is in total chaos since the storm and soon the major work will begin and it'll get worse before it gets better...but at least I can chronicle the projects here. 

Being that home is such a wreck me and Aaron have been doing a lot of our work over at Aar's parent's house. The change of scenery has been helpful and today the change in weather was heaven sent. Aaron's dad took the opportunity to get started on decorating their house for Christmas. Yes, it was t shirt weather here in Jersey! A great break for everyone who is trying to get their lives back to normal.

And speaking of...our friends from all across the country are still showering us here in Jersey with love and necessities. 

This morning we took a big carload of cleaning supplies, food, snacks, personal hygiene products, socks, etc...to a bigger distribution center in the next town over. When we asked what stuff is really needed now we were told that needs are shifting from recovery to rebuilding. Trucks are showing up with donations of plywood, sheetrock, tools, nails, etc...

We were told that things like mini blinds, curtains, drywall nails, rugs, bath mats, small home accessories...all the little things that are needed to make a house into a home...that's the stuff that is needed most right now. So I put the word out to a bunch of amazing friends who have been asking me what they could do to help out New Jerseyans at this stage of the game. What me and Aar what to do is keep the momentum going. It's really common for the charitable works to stop once the headlines have died down. But people are so very far from back to normal. 

We are just so humbled and warmed by the selfless giving from our friends. Boxes are showing up daily...gestures big and small...whatever the case may be...we are floored by the generosity.
Ok, I really just needed to stop in and give you guys a well deserved update. Me and Aar are so so hard at work getting orders out and once we get caught up we promise to get back to some major creativity and you guys are all invited! Thanks so much again for all the love and for checking in again!
xoxo, Jenny 


  1. So happy to see people rebuilding and donating too!!!

  2. YEA! So glad to see you got our boxes!!! Yes...I am anticipating the arrival of my order from you. It's going on my kitchen wall!
    Thinking of you all!

    Peg Graham

  3. things are looking good! i'm so glad the sunshine is coming your way. you deserve it. :)

  4. So glad things are going well Jenny! Such blessings! Take care! xo Heather

  5. So glad to hear people are still helping out!


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