chipping away at disaster

Yep. So today was all about just totally attacking the monster. The monster we have been hiding from. The one that controls everything. Our ability to work, our anxiety and depression levels...etc...

Unfortunately there's no David and Goliath analogy that applies. We can't just hurl a little rock to topple this giant monster. We gotta throw about a million little rocks over the next few months. It's all about chipping away. At the moment there is not one room on the first floor in good shape. Not even fair or decent shape. 
But first things first. Before we get going on the kitchen or living room or dining room or bathroom or laundry room, it is all about the studio. Our work space. The heart of the home.  

(here I got a bit side tracked... ;)

The floors are just plain gross. There was this old old linoleum that was soaked and rippled and raised and buckled and now just looks rotten. This room was our bedroom for those that remember and in the flood this is where a majority of the water accumulated. So we moved our bedroom upstairs and we ripped out the soaking wet carpet and exposed this terrible floor that needs to be chipped out with a hammer and chisel. Don't get me wrong...the bummer part of all this will fade. Me and Aaron have been through a bit more than I'd ever want to burden the world with...we can handle this one. It's good to gut out the rotten parts and make everything shiny and new every once in a while. It's time to move forward. We should have all of this ripped up today. 
The biggest issue with redoing rooms is that there are so many things and no place to put them. Aaron just stands around holding stacks of things with a look of utter despair. But the key is to just shove stuff somewhere,'s only temporary.
We have 80% of the studio shoved behind the couch right now. Which is what you see above. What a disaster. 

So by the end of the day we should have the gross tiles ripped up and bagged out at the curb. And the moldings either taken off or nailed back up, haven't decided yet. Tomorrow we'll be going to Home Depot for paint and hopefully some new flooring. I'm hoping for some retro looking old school classroom tiles. Maybe tan and cream check? We'll see!

On a lighter, happier smile-ier note... this print! I love it so much! It will hang proudly in our newly renovated, clean, dry, warm, happy home! Hopefully soon.

Ohhhhh and last night I started watching Twin Peaks!! I saw some back in the day but only bits. Last night I only watched one episode...Aaron conked out on me. LOVE it! And I am super excited to watch both seasons! I never knew how much the show The Killing channeled Twin Peaks. We absolutely loved The Killing but I don't want to google the comparisons of the two shows for fear of spoilers. But yeah...very excited for this little escape.

Okie Doke...
just wanted to pop in and say hi!

oh oh oh...almost forgot...

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xo, Jenny


  1. congrats on over 2000 followers!! You guys are awesome.
    i always wanted to watch twin peaks too!! must hit up amazon lol.

  2. You'll get there. It's hard, it's overwhelming, but you will get there.

  3. I know you both will get through all of this ... my friend is in Pennsville and has family up north in Wayne ... and they are still getting things back together too... I am praying for all of you daily...

  4. God bless you guys! Yes, it's a pain and depressing, but try to stay on the positive side and "enjoy the journey"!

  5. This is the first time I've ever left a comment on your blog, but I have been following your story all along. You have made me cry so many times with all the entries about what you and Aaron have gone through with the storm, and I have to say you guys are SO brave. I can only imagine what it has been like for you. But you still get on the internet and blog, and make pretty things happen, and face really hard stuff.
    I am in Phoenix, AZ, and I was in Home Depot the other day waiting for paint, looking at random things. I wandered over to the flooring department and there was a huge book of Armstrong flooring options that included TONS of the kind of flooring you are referring to-the pretty colorful stuff you see in stores and offices and used to see in old houses! The guy there said it comes in boxes of 45 square feet for about $40. I am going to assume it has to be ordered from HD. It's just funny that I was there recently and then you mention it!

    Anyway, just passing it on....thank you for sharing your life and world with the rest of us! I wish you guys the best!!!
    Love from Jenny in Phoenix, AZ

  6. Congrats on the readership!
    Hope your house has a swift recovery!

  7. Congrats at 2000 followers!! And hell yes to Twin Peaks! :)
    I know that it has been tough for y'all, but stay positive, and you'll be able to make it through.


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