Friday Favorites

It's Friday! That means I've got some Friday Favorites for you...

Ahhh! I could just faint. This sweet sweet little locker on wheels will be coming to IKEA in February! I'm willing to bet it will be as popular as the Raskog cart that has been alllll over Instagram and blogs...and yes we own one as well! :) 

I'm really really loving these clogs! They are so so not in my budget..but always fun to mentally play dress up! And there's something about these that's even inspiring some home decor ideas I have right now.

Saw this pink "pastel power ring" pop up today on Hello Holiday's Instagram and knew I had to have it! So simple and sweet. I feel like if you're wearing this ring you must also be holding a macaron from Laduree.

When I first came across World Market via pinterest I was so excited! So many fantastic items! Furniture, kitchen decor, and organization, pillows etc...  This cookie tin is just beeeyond up my alley! I so wish we had a World Market location near us!

Another super adorable vintage inspired piece that I'd love! This cake carrier would look adorable in our newly renovated kitchen and I know I'd also get plenty of practical use out of it being a cake baking enthusiast! I'm hoping that we'll come across a World Market location one day when we're on the road at an art retreat. I'm pretty sure I'll go nuts.

Ahh!! I finally got myself a wallet! yes I know it sounds a bit cuckoo...but I just haven't had one in about 12 years! I seriously just use the inside zipper pocket of my purses. I had been holding out for something super cute and I was beyond excited to find this one! And here you see it next to my new Ipad case!! Eeee! Yes you are right...the Ipad case was indeed a Friday Favorite a little while ago! :) But I had to bring it up again to show that at least sometimes I treat myself to a favorite thing. It is perfection! 

I'm certainly a hat girl in the winter, and I just adore both of these from nessavendettaknits on etsy. Love how chunky and cartoon like they are. And even though I'm gaga for color I seem to mainly stay close to a pretty neutral and classic palette when it comes to everyday fashion.

Hooray for Friday! It's not just good for Friday also means that there's a new episode of Portlandia on tonight!! 

What do you guys have planned? We're just trying to stay busy and warm. 
No matter what you do have a great weekend!!
xo Jenny


  1. Love them all!! No World Markets there?? I'll have a look at the one by me. I have never seen cute stuff in there, always ultra hippy stuff-but I go for the food products anyway. This is a good excuse for me to go back!

  2. Hi Jenny !I love the pink cookie canister! And your new wallet is super cute! I need one, too! I haven't had a wallet for years either! I love your new sparkly Ipad case!

  3. I haven't seen that portlandia, is it good? We have a world market if I see any of these I'll try and pick it up for you. I hate when there's stuff I want and the shop isn't by me. We don't live near IKEA. So when we go on road trips, I always have to stop there. Have a great weekend.

  4. I just clicked through to the etsy site to see the hats and, aw man...super cute slouchy pom-pom hat there!!

    I've also pined for a World Markets in NJ. Maybe we can lobby them. :-)

  5. Ah! Love the cake carrier, and Portlandia (hubs and I stayed in Portland this past summer 'cause of the awesomeness of that show).

  6. Love all the things in your Friday favorites! Everything looks extremely cute!

    Have a great weekend too!



  7. I just find your blog, and I immediately fell in love with it!

  8. Yay for that cute cart coming to Ikea!! And I didn't even know about the other one... I could really use something like that in my kitchen! :)

  9. World Market......(think of me swooning...) love that place the closet here is 3 and a half hours and also no Ikea either. Every other store but not the two I NEED!!!! Cute stuff you tease!! Lori


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