The Totally Awesome Blog Hop!!!

totally awesome bloghop

Hello, and welcome to the Totally Awesome Blog Hop. This will be an ongoing effort brought to you by four really cool ladies, hopefully resulting in the biggest community link-love fest evar!

The hop will be linked between four sites, ensuring everyone's links get seen and clicked. We want our audiences to get to know each other! Our goal is community building between like-minded folks, and this is a place for of people to meet, make friends, and expand their following!

Participation is super simple-

#1 Follow your four hostesses- they are the first four links.

Chantilly of ChantillySongs
Shell of Kitty and Buck
Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn

(We promise you will love these blogs, and they are all totally worth getting to know!!)

#2 Link your blog/ website

#3 Visit other sites, follow, and comment

#4 Grab a button & post it on your blog

#5 Post about it on twitter, facebook, and all your social media sites

We love you, and thank you!

Blog hop



  1. just found your blog from this link up! thanks for co-hosting! stop by if you have time! I love making new blogging buddies!

  2. You are a cutie! Love how adorable your blog is. I just linked up and am now following your blog. Hope to become good blog buddies one day. :)

    xo, Adriana @ Horses of Ares.

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for co-hosting this blog hop, I'm excited to poke around :)

  4. Have just linked up! Thanks so much! x

  5. Linked up and am following along :) Your blog is so cute!

  6. this sounds like fun Jenny. now I just have to figure out how to link up.
    happy saturday!

  7. I'm a new follower - excited for the blog hop! It's my first time participating in one: )

    Lovely Llorys

  8. Hi - I'm with Vivian - not sure what you mean by #2 link up - I do get the rest of the steps though and THANK YOU for doing this - loving all the blogs so far :) Patricia

  9. Thanks so much for hosting, Jenny! :D

  10. Such a fun many goodies to see! Love your creativity!


  11. Great idea!
    I love youre blog.

  12. YAY! a party!!!


  13. Thanks for the prompt update - here's my linky dink - THANK YOU!!

  14. Hi guys!! Yay!! So so happy to see you here!! I'm excited to visit your blogs! Here's to lots of new blogland friends! Happy Weekend!!

    And thank you so much for the super sweet words!!

  15. Thanks for putting this on! I'm looking forward to checking out other cool blogs :)

  16. Ahh this is such a fun idea, please follow me too x

  17. Thanks so much for hosting! Love your blog! xxx

  18. Inspired by the blog hop... :-)

  19. Hello there! And Happy Hop! As a newbie I love, love, love this idea. Next world domination! *strokes fluffy cat and cackles* ahem, sorry ;)

    It is a great idea though!

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  20. Well this is a lovely idea! :) I think today is going to be a good one now that everyone is back on blogging-board after the Christmas period. :)

    The Cafe Cat @

  21. Loving this idea- a great way to meet new bloggers and people. :)
    I'm linking my face off!

  22. Thanks so much for this opportunity to get to know other blogs around the world!

    I'm going on a blog hop tour.

    Foxy Greetings.

  23. Hello Jenny! :D Wonderful Blog hop! I'm off to view and comment! Have a wonderful day!

  24. Cute cute! Love this idea! Thanks for hosting this. Now I'll be busy poking around all the other people's blogs. :)

  25. fab party- thanks- tweets, shares and now visits...


  26. Hello there! I just found you through another blog and quite glad that I did! Then I found your hop and figured I would get in on the fun. ;-)
    Your newest follower,


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