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Stuff is so inspiring! I know that's a particularly general statement...but I guess it's meant to be. The things that inspire me on a daily basis are so random and range across such a broad spectrum of categories, genres, and mediums. I could never box them up for safe pull out on a rainy day when I'm feeling especially dull. Yeah sure, I've got Pinterest etc...but sometimes I find it's best to let stuff find you when it's ready to find you. And that's what so many of my Friday Favorites are...wonderful things that travel through space and find me in just the right mood with just the right eyes for seeing them. I hope this week's Friday Faves find you in a blissfully receptive state.

Starting with Ohhh goodness!! This dress I spied over at Hello Holiday. Pair this with black tights and a cardigan and look out! I could decorate a room around this dress.


These tights  embellished with "love text" are so fab! I love when texture and pattern aren't merely texture and's what I love about art journaling.

The Art of Louis Boudreault  absolutely floors me. The layers, the color...and jeez, the large format of them! Again, it's impossible for these not to find their way into my creative process. 

It's so simple and yet so easy to forget. As the studio starts to come together I could see this print occupying some wall space in there.

I adore this necklace from Pygmy Hippo Shoppe. One of the cutest shops on the face of the earth that I vow to visit in real life one day! 

Oh jeez...these are just too cute! Our bathroom has a vintage boardwalk theme...well I should say HAD...thanks a lot Hurricane Sandy. Right now it needs to be gutted. The floor fell in... the walls, ceiling, shower, tiles, vanity, all need to be replaced...yeah, so pretty much evvverything. So I guess we'll be starting from scratch. I'm not sure if we'll stick to what we had or try something brand new. Either way these would really make me happy! 

Ohh man: neeed! If you know me you know that I've been all about GOLD when most peeps thought gold was only "still worn" on Staten Island. I've been rocken' my gold bamboo door knockers since I was 14! And my first crush was Mr. T. yep! The mass of gold necklaces, the camo pants rolled up, the combat boots, and the best haircut in the business! Well, that said...I need this set.

Ok, hope you were inspired to do the thing you do. (and bless you if Shopping is your thing!) Happy Friday!
xo, Jenny


  1. Those tights are amaaaaazing!


  2. Jenny, love the artist, his work is amazing!
    If you love gold polish, you should check out the gold polish set from sephora. They partnered with pantone, so each shade of polish (or eye shadow) is a exact pantone color. I got the gold set for my daughter for Christmas, and they were pretty great.

  3. What a fantastic group of items. Those tights are the best though.

  4. YES, 1000x YES. Gold nail polish is awesome beyond belief. I spent ages experimenting to get the perfect bronze-gold I like - because I prefer the bronze gold to all other golds.
    I start with two layers of Jesse's Girl in Fool's Gold - it's the most sturdy, long-lasting budget brand I've tried. Then I add a single thin layer of Wet n Wild Fast Dry in The Wonder Yellows. (If I want the color to be more bronze than gold, I add a layer of Sinful Colors in Cloud 9 at this point.) Final layer is Sinful Colors in All About You. Sinful Colors really make the best glitter polishes! xD

    ...can you tell I spent a lot of time playing with my nails? oTL

  5. @Becky I know I know I know!! right?! want em badly! :)

  6. @Cerri Isn't he just fantastic? Gosh I'd LOVE to see those pieces in person!! I must check to see if he has any shows in NYC this year!! :)

    Ohh Thanks I'll have to check out that polish!!

    Happy Weekend friend!! Tell the girls hello for me!!

  7. @fugeecat Thanks for visiting! :) Oh gosh I know it...those tights are truly show stoppers aren't they?!

    Happy Weekend!

  8. @Julie Tucker Wolek I'm gonna have to just order them! ha!! They really do rule!! :)

    Happy Weekend!!

  9. @ Freak Geek of 3 Chic Geeks Oh my goodness! ha! Thanks bunches for the deets!! ha!! I'll have to check everything out!! :)



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