Sunday Funday

Ohhh boy are things getting fun around here! We've been working round the clock on so many things...orders, the house, and the stuuuudio! We are so so close to being in there like for realz! And that means that some of our prized collections will be joining us very soon...ya know, to provide moral and inspirational support while we toil away in the studio. Such as these guys above! This basket o' bunnies...they are totally ready for their new home! I wheeled them in today and just seeing them in the room made my heart flutter a bit! These poor fellas have been hidden away in boxes for the past few months and finally they'll take their places among our favorite things!

In classic Jenny style I was mixing paint while I decorated. Somehow organizing goes hand in hand with me painting a piece of furniture. I have a vintage cupboard that is waiting for a little pink...or possibly aqua...I'll know by the end of the night! ha!

Hanging shelves and displaying favorite bits, bobs, treasures and supplies. A pretty display that's totally practical and close at hand. Good stuff ready and waiting to be used in a project!

I got side tracked...saw some glitter letters that needed to be put away but I couldn't resist playing with them first.

And yes I'm all about juxtaposing...The room being filled with eardrum shattering deftones and heart warming vintage bunnies makes perfect sense to me!

Oh and jeez...all hard work calls for sweet rewards. The other night Aaron and I made a batch of Shortbread squares and oh boy were they just little bits of happiness in my mouth! Tender, buttery, not too sweet...just melted away all our troubles! Gosh...of course they are all gone...and that just means we'll have to bake more very soon.

I couldn't not include a pic of this little guy. His Uncle Walter threw his hoodie on the chair for a couple minutes and this guy instantly made a nest. Boy is he so so good at making nests...twirls around, tucks his butt, lets out a big sigh and settles in.

Right now we are taking a bit of a break...eating while watching the E! red carpet for the Oscars. We'll be able to catch Seth MacFarlane's opening bit but then we'll be promptly switching over to The Walking Dead...we've got priorities after all!! And I'll definitely be painting some furniture before bed.

And what have you guys been up to this weekend?!
xo  Jenny


  1. ooo what are those lovely things hanging down behind the bunnies??
    looks like you guys have been busy

  2. I'm so glad your wonderful collection of vintage bunnies survived the storm! It looks like you're making great strides on the homefront!

  3. busy weekend! i love that little shelf.

  4. I love the vintage bunnies! My mom still has one from when she was a little girl that looks similar to these.

  5. Ooooh, pink or aqua, I hope you will upload photos after it is done! :)

  6. I love an ear-shattering soundtrack to my life too. Nothing better than dolling myself up all pretty with Disturbed blasting around the room!

    Oh, and by the way, the basket of bunnies are adorable!


  7. OMG Jenny, freakin incredible! After al the things you lost during the storm, NO ONE deserves this gem more then you!! How wonderful! Love to you and Aaron, Lori


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