Let's talk about an amaaazing mail week, and ephemera gone bad

 We've all had amazing mail days, right? You hear that familiar thud on the other side the front door, out the window you see the postman receding, and sitting there on the mat is either a box or envelope that you've been anticipating. Inside is the super cute art print you ordered, or the vintage apron you won on ebay, or the contents of that swap you're in, or a totally random out of the blue gift from a blogland friend. Maybe I'm a cheap date...but a good mail day is probably close to the top of my favorite things list.
 Well, this past week I was lucky enough to have a few of those days! Holy Crow-ly man! It was like my Birthday week or something! First, this guy arrived!! Eeee! Look at him! And that tag! The tag is a riot! "Tremendous Easter Purchase". For once in my life I cannot find any exaggeration in that advertising statement.

Ok, the next arrival was this incredibly cute mini vintage toy piano! Oh em gee! And it's even got a bunny on the side! It was sent to me by the sweetest gal, a long time blog reader. She emailed to tell me that she had something that needed to come live with me! Oh my gosh! Is that the sweetest thing ever?! So so kind! Aaron and I adore it and it is already living in a special place among our treasures! As you may know I collect vintage toy pianos, and have them on display all throughout our home...but this happens to be my first with illustrations!! LOVE it!!

 Ummmm I just about DIED when this guy showed up at my door! Not even in a box...he just strolled up...ok, lying...but...he was a TOTAL Surprise! Like had no idea! Now, about his perfection...first...he's turquoise AND pink! My first two toned vintage bunny! And those eyes are huuuge! 
He was a gift from my sweet and ohhh so fabulous friend Kimberlee Edgar! She said she knew he had to come live with me! Ohh my gosh this guy is the greatest! And speaking of greatest...if you do not know of Kimberlee, you must visit her blog! She lives in them most incredibly fab world! A world full of dark curiosities, antique oddities, with a bit of Louis Vuitton thrown it! I kid you not! 

So it seems like my week couldn't possibly get better, right?...wrong! I received a huuuuge box all the way from Cali, from our sweet and mega talented friend Pam Garrison. When I opened this box I totally burst into tears. Pam had sent us the most beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments and so many other lovely lovely things...knowing that we had lost all of our Christmas decor.
I'm just floored. truly. What an extremely kind and generous gesture. These ornaments will hang happily and proudly on our new tree!

Pam also included this darling tin featuring The Three Bears! It is so so sweet! 

I had it in my possession for no longer than 10 mins, and it was already filled with some of my favorite vintage plastic bits.  :) 

Pam allllso sent along some of her AMAZING stamps! Which are hand drawn by the way! I had been dying to play with them for some time. They are so so cool! Here are two little embellishments I made using her stamps, embossing ink, and powder (heat set) and Heidi Swapp Color Shine! ...oh, and a sharpie! Aren't they so fun?!

And these arrows!! Ahh! LOVE them! Same technique...using (charcoal) Maya Mist. 

Annnd the fun didn't stop there! I was on a role! I used one of Pam's flower doodle stamps on Ranger Shrink Plastic! Eeee! Look at that adorable teeny tiny embellishment! So fun right?! Can't wait to do some more!

And now, If you have been wanting to use your Instagram photos in your Art Journals or scrapbook layouts or collages...then holy crow, have I got the link for you! You must must check out Persnickety Prints! I was able to choose as many of my Instagram photos as I liked, upload them very easily to their site and choose 3 different size/styles. 3 x 3, 2 x 2 centered on a 3 x 3 print, annnd their new polaroid style 3 x 3! Oh, and there are a few finishes to choose from as well. The prints arrived in like 3 days!! I ADORE them! And will be ordering more very soon! I paid about .45 each being that I ordered more than 15 of them in each style. Totally worth it! 

Ok, and here is where we talk about ephemera gone bad! ha! So...one of my fave things ever is gathering up my most loved papers, images, collage sheets, old books, and vintage photos...and cutting things out so they can be sorted and organized in such a way that they are easy to sift through when sitting down to make art! 
 I took a bunch of time the other day to get all of these things ready for some projects this coming week. We had made some copies of pages from favorite vintage children's books. We love the fonts and the yellowed pages. The words and phrases serve as perfect clip art for collages, art journal pages, and really any number of artful projects.

Ha! So I was cutting out some words and when I looked down this is what I found!! I seriously laughed out loud! Aaron heard me from the other room, so I then Instagrammed this...and then shared it on facebook. I then yelled into the living room, telling Aaron to have a look at my fb. Yeah, this could be seen as fun, funny, or lazy...or a combo of all three. Don't judge! ;)

And of course, it then went here. I was on a roll! Cracking myself up! I blame the coffee and the chai chaser! ha! 

So as it progressed I would just yell out to Aaron, "yep...I put something on facebook" ha!! (do you get dorkier? I think not) And I'm pretty sure I gave the disclaimer: "I'm very limited here."  ha!  I mean, these books were about a duck and an otter at a party! ha! Ohhh and I also got a kick out of the fact that The Walking Dead's Instagram was liking them! Yeah, as I said, I'm a cheap date people. It really doesn't take much to thrill me! ha!

Anyways, yep... Lots of pics here I know! I had to share the eye candy...this tiny weekend wrap-up of good mail and studio hijinks. 

Have you had any amazing mail days lately?! 
xo, Jenny


  1. So many fun and special treasures!

    You're cracking me up. {I was chuckling over the ephemera-gone-bad and my husband asked me what was so funny.} :)

    That little piano is adorable!

  2. What a wonderful week (isn't life awesome)!?!

  3. What a cute post! You are one lucky duck!! All that fab mail and all those cute things to add to your stash! The words cracked me up, too!

  4. @Jennifer J. Heyyy General!!! ha! Nice to see ya!! Glad you got a laugh out of my dorkiness!

    Gosh I know! Isn't it so so sweet?! LOVE it!!

    Love from the NJ Shore!!

  5. @La Donna Welter Yes it is! Even with it's twists and turns and curve balls. It is!!! :)


  6. @ dix ha! Thanks!! Geez I know I'm in heaven right now!! So many happy things!!

    yeah...a sweet vintage children's book...gone to the dark side! ha!

    Thanks for visiting!!

  7. So sweet to have so many goodies arrive through the mail :) Extremely cute little box of treasures. The bunnies and Christmas ornaments are also very nice.

  8. WOW!!! what a week. How fun! Great stuff. ox

  9. I love your mail! So cute, so happy, so full of love!!! AND OMG, those little tidbits about the children had me cracking up. I love that The Walking Dead liked them, bahahaha. Awesome!!! Mail days are so fun. I get so giddy when the mail arrives and all I often get is magazines, but still! They make me happy. ;P I do a weekly love list on my blog and a sweet friend saw I love filled jewelry/vial necklaces and is making me a custom one, OMG, so excited and it's SUCH a sweet gesture!!!

  10. That is an amazing mail week indeed, what treasures!

    xx Susie

  11. What a fun post and what great friends you have. Loved everything.

  12. I love all those adorable little pieces...makes my heart swell!!!

    Love everything about this post!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  13. girl i don think you sleep!
    i love the bits in the tin...i collect little pink cupcake toppers and I just cant ever get enough plastic bits...

  14. Those are truly awesome and very kind hearted gifts. Lucky girl.


  15. I love this post! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets so over-excited about mail, even when I'm not expecting anything I'm always hopefully awaiting our post lady just in case. What gorgeous gifts!! :D



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