Announcing Sweethearts On the Homefront, a 1940's inspired Art Retreat! Join us!

 I've got some very exciting news! This October me and Aaron will be teaching at a too fabulous for words Art Retreat in Atlanta, GA! Well, even though it's too fab for words I'll still venture to give as many wonderful deets as I can. As many of you know, we've been dealing with a whole lot of work here at home, so teaching at an event would've been impossible. Which makes this outing all the more special for us...we can't wait to get out and mingle with like-minded creative souls. Can't wait to (in the wise words of Andrew WK) Party!!!
Ok...where do I start?? Alright, first off...100% of proceeds from this event will go to Operation Stars and Stripes...which supports our military here and abroad. And the theme of the event is so so up our alley! As you've seen above, it's called Sweethearts on the Homefront. And that means it'll be all things 1940's/WWII. Well, all the GOOD things of course. The focus on strong women creating and working and making the best of things while their beloved husbands are overseas. Think Victory Gardens, and canning, and crafting special gifts for your sweetheart. Baking and Homemaking and being a patriot in the best ways possible...with a hopeful loving spirit. And I don't think there is ever a time when that spirit isn't oh so necessary.

The event is hosted by Rosalyn-Sue Smith of The Patriot Girl Society and Jennifer Hayslip of the Whimsical Belle in Atlanta, Georgia. Together these two gals are sure to create an unforgettable weekend retreat. Rosalyn-Sue, an absolute sweetheart who lives to the support the troops...and Jenn, well, everything she touches turns to'real! The fact that these two gals thought of us as a perfect fit for this event makes me one happy and humble little lady.

Upon arrival, you will be transported back to the 1940′s Homefront, where letters were still handwritten, victory gardens were planted, and sweethearts showed their love of country as they tended to the Homefront with such care.  While husbands were away fighting the war, women rose to fill new roles on the Homefront.  They took pride in their craft, whether it be sewing, baking, tending to the garden, or joining the workforce.  Such tasks were more than just a passion, they were a necessity and became a new way of life for American women.'s where the deets get even more Amaaaaazing! You will be getting all sorts of creative in an honest to goodness airplane hangar at the charming Peachstate Aerodrome Airport! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time while being surrounded by vintage planes and old swing music tunes from the 40’s.
And get this...Pin-up and sweetheart-styled photography will be offered for a small donation to our troops. You can strike your best Vargas girl pose while sitting in a vintage plane!

There will be a living history presentation, fresh made snacks and treats...and this part is totally nuts...You will have the opportunity to fly in a bi-plane!!!! Like, whaaaaaat????

So, ok...that's a brief summary of the overall theme...I got ahead of myself a bit. Now, below are the classes you'll be attending. 

A Wise Woman Knows Her Baking
with us!

Using an array of mediums and skill sets each class member will create their very own recipe scrapbook from scratch. Inspired by old fashioned cookbooks and kitchens, fabulous Golden Age advertising, and the soft pastel tones of vintage wallpapers and fabrics…this recipe book is a visual treat that may even be sweeter than the favorite recipes kept inside. Combining your love for paper craft, art journaling, scrapbooking, and baking, all together to make an artful album that’s sure to fill up with recipes that hold all the ingredients to a warm, loving home.

As you may know...sweets are kinda our thing. And vintage recipe books are one of our fave collectibles. Well, we've put our heart and soul into this's got all of the elements that inspire our everyday creative spirit. The three ring binder style recipe book you'll make and adorn with our very own custom artwork and papers and patterns will be large enough to fit a lifetime of favorite family recipes! 

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Inspired by the romantic soldiers, sailors and airmen of the 1940’s, Let Me Call You Sweetheart is a fresh twist on the popular  “Sweetheart Jewelry” that thoughtful servicemen would send back home to their wives and girlfriends during their WWII deployments.

In this workshop, we will use basic jewelry-making techniques as well as wire-wrapping, to create a nostalgic necklace in beautiful shades of blush pink, antique gold and pearl. We will combine faceted Czech glass beads with shimmering glass pearls, vintage brass findings and gorgeous vintage rhinestones for some good old fashioned sparkle. The classic heart-shaped brass locket which dangles from a vintage “Sweetheart” stamping is the perfect place to keep a cherished photo of your love.

Workshop kits will include everything needed to make this necklace just as pictured. Feel free to bring along any special beads and baubles you’d like to incorporate from your personal collection. Please bring jewelry pliers (chain nose and round nose) and wire snips. And of course don’t forget the most important part…. a picture or two of your sweetheart to nestle into the brass locket, so he’s always close to your heart!

An American Beauty

From blooms growing beside victory gardens to Sunday hats brimming with millinery, American sweethearts adorned many things in their homes and clothing with beautiful flowers.  Using new and vintage materials, we will be making a vintage inspired millinery bloom with delicate lace, netting, and lustrous pearls.  This American beauty can be pinned to an evening clutch or clipped to a special spot in the home to bring some of nature’s beauty indoors.


Yeah, I and Aar are in good company!

And how cool is this? You will be in town for the amazing Country Living Fair!

Presented by Country Living Magazine, it is truly a shopper’s paradise – from antiques, to handmades, and gorgeous supplies.

Can you even? And there is so much more! Grab your vintage apron, your red lipstick, rolling pin, and sign up right here for an event not to be missed!! Can't wait to see you there!!

xo Jenny and Aaron


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! My best gal pal from college lives near the hotel and I haven't been able to see her in years! Getting on the phone today and hunting her down to have a reunion weekend - this would be so fabulous to attend together! Thanks for the info Jenny you rock!

  2. If ever a event I would give anything to attend is this one! You and Aaron, Jen and Andrea OH MY!!!! Do you think if someone never attended a event like this before they would fit in alright? I have know who you guys all are for years from blogging and love the event ideas and you all , but just wondering. This is over the top spectacular my favorite period!! Eek!! Love ya, Lori

  3. Jenny,
    This looks like so much fun!
    How exciting!

  4. Wow what an epic cool event! Don't know that I'll make it down to GA - but maybe if they're successful someone will host one up here in the tri-state area!


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