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Hey friends!  How was everyone's Easter? (If you celebrated) This year was super quiet for me and Aaron. In years past we marked Easter with a drive down the shore. First stopping for a visit to the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant in the day, and then a driving farther south to Seaside for the evening. Despite the destruction caused by Sandy I know that there was a big effort to fix whatever could be fixed so that the boardwalks could open for Easter...even if on a much smaller scale. But we spent the day at home working in the studio. 
Before pouting on our behalf, let me say that there was no place we'd rather be than right here working on this very exciting project. Part of that Top Secret project I had mentioned weeks ago. I know, I know, why even hint about it if I'm not going to spill the beans. I'm bursting with excitement and dying to tell...but we still have some important things to finish up. Very Soon! I promise! :)  So yes...we were working in the studio on Easter. But we kept it festive enough...had some music, a favorite candle, the pups, and these guys to keep us company! 

I am crazy for vintage blowmolds! They are just so so fun and happy. So storybook-like. My favorite Holiday homes are the ones with the kitschy stuff...but there is a fine line between kitschy cute and over the top nuts. And I love the nutsy ones for a whole other reason. But kitschy, when it's carefully edited, can be magical. Blowmolds like these bring so much personality to a Holiday display. Sorta how I like to anchor the decor of a room with a portrait...these bunnies become the face of the day...the spokescouple for our Easter. There is a flickr group you must see that's devoted to these dreamy collectibles.

This adorable couple are the newest members to our family. They are right at home here! 

The Mr.

The Mrs.

 And here they are lit up on Easter Eve! Like actually magical looking right? The whole room glowed! 
I've been searching for the perfect Giant Santa face to put on the house next Christmas! I'm a pastel girl...but the classic red and white, big jolly Santa face on the house would be so much fun! I'm very picky though. Some Santas I've seen look evil...or drunk. There is one in particular that I love, that I am waiting to run into. I've seen it on ebay in the past, either for a crazy amount, or with too much of the paint chipped off. And with these really can't touch up the paint. When they are plugged in you really see all of the paint strokes and it looks awful. So I will wait. And when Santa is supposed to come live with me...he will! :)

The other day my dear friend Andrea posted pics on Instagram of a few things she was selling from her stash. Now if you know Andrea and her blog and online shop, you know that her stash is totally drool worthy! She and I are similar when it comes to color palette. Lots of the same loves. So I was beyond excited when she posted that she had a few rolls of vintage wallpaper she was selling. I had lost a bunch of my paper to Hurricane Sandy, and I was eager to start collecting again. Plus I have some projects coming up that are just aching for some fabulous papers. Anyways, I purchased a roll...but when the mail arrived I thought the box was too big for it's alleged contents. Oh gosh, and the reason why? Well because Andrea is the kindest, sweetest thing ever and included a care package of the most perfect vintage bits and treasures that she thought screamed my name! 

Oh I could just smile for days! Look at everything! She knows me so so well!! See those adorable tiny little phones? I already had one in pink!! And now I have them in my 4 fave colors! And those little plastic circus tents! I have one already, so of course I was so so excited to now have more! 

And I know you can't really tell, but this beautiful pile of ribbon scraps is actually a garland! Andrea sewed them together in the most perfect combination of colors and patterns. I adore it!! As soon as our living room is a living room again, it will hang somewhere good. Oh yeah, and that is the wallpaper I purchased underneath it! 
It is so so similar to the style we were inspired by when we painted our Jumbo Vintage Wallpaper Accent Wall! Love it!

And pom pom trims and scrappy bits! Loving them so much! What an amazing box of gifts! Such a lucky gal!  Thank you so so much Andrea! :)

Ohhh and guess what arrived the other day! Our Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake iPad cases! Hooray! I know many of you were waiting on them! Well, they are now in the shop and ready to ship! They are such great quality!

We are back to work today on that Top Secret project... haha!

See ya soon!
xo Jenny


  1. Jenny I have the same bunnies! What I do is add a pink light bulb inside, the glow is so delicate! Lori

  2. Oh my Goodness, those bunnies are so adorable!


  3. What a sweet, sweet friend. Those are awesome gifts.

  4. I am so old that I remember when those little phone key chains were given out as a promo for the "new" princess phones. What a beautiful, generous stash of wonderful STUFF from your friend.
    Enjoy creating your new project.

  5. Those bunnies are just stinkin adorable!!! Love that idea!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  6. Love love love those bunnies and the covers look amazing!!!

  7. Im glad you had a nice easter. so early this year... I bet it would have been pretty cold on the board walk anyways.
    sweet bunny friends you have there.
    And lots of fun treats from andrea. LIfe is good!
    have a great day

  8. The bunnies are adorable.. Love the new covers, too!!

  9. Love the bunnies! I have a standing blow mold Santa, but he is not vintage, only about 15 years old.
    Sounds like you and Aaron are busy as can be, I am glad your studio is back up and running.
    I hope today is great for you.
    X's & O's


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