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Holy cow has it been raining in Jersey today. It's been grey and stormy since early this morning. Weather like this makes it harder to do your normal everyday stuff...both spiritually and practically speaking...I can't take photos in this dark as night lighting. But to be honest, we need a bit of a rest, maybe we'll swap out Friday and Sunday...all the things we couldn't do today we'll do on Sunday...and the break taking of Sunday will transfer to today. I'm so very excited about the enthusiastic response about our book! We are knee deep in stuff but I will make sure to get back to everyone asap. The encouragement has filled us with a lot of positive energy. And in working on this book I can't tell you how many times a certain project or idea spawned the idea for a completely different book. We know there will be more after this...but first things first I guess.

Ok, Friday Favorites.... 

This photo! Which happened to be shot by our super talented friend Tiffany Kirchner Dixon aka The Fancy Farmgirl. What I love most is how well it captures the subject in her living space, with her art and her design aesthetic surrounding her. The subject is Anahata Katkin, the Oregon-based artist and co founder of PAPAYA! Inc, PAPAYA! Living Boutique, and LEELAH clothing. You must must pop over to her blog and site! Discover her amazingly textured and eclectic world of pattern and color. I adore her and her world!

Earlier this week Urban Outfitters debuted a collection of comforters and rugs by one of my fave artists Ashley G! What a fantastic collection rendered in abstract strokes of color that lend an artful layer to any decor! Hooray for Ashley! Can't wait to see what she does next! 

I love this! It happens to be a flatware caddy for your tabletop, but I think it would make a fabulous desktop container for paintbrushes, favorite markers, and watercolor pencils in the studio! Love the rustic yet fancy feel of it! 

I'm going to assume that you already know about, love, and use the creative community/website Cut  Out + Keep. I was honored to be chosen as one of their Crafty Superstars a little while back. With over 140,000 active users, non stop craft tutorials, and inspiration, it truly is a must-stop on your internets! Really loved seeing this video. Good for Google AdSense for choosing Cat & Tom to tell their story. They are so inspiring and they've got adorable accents!  

I am really crazy for scents. I feel like they play a very strong role in dictating a mood and I like to always have the right scent for the right season. Right now I am in LOVE with the Geranium collection of Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Day products. I've tried some of the other fragrances and loved them but the geranium is just really speaking to me right now. We had a few warm Springlike 2 actually...and I had the windows open in the kitchen while washing dishes and the experience...yes the dish washing experience...was so much more pleasant. Such a fresh, earthy, and clean scent. I adore it! I really can't say enough good things about the entire line of environmentally-friendly kitchen products.

And this beyond adorable little project is on my to-do list once I have some free time. I just think it is so whimsical and fun! And I'm a big fan of paper mache projects! I have memories of pre-school, and making pinatas with balloons and newspapers! Loving the idea of using all of my paper scraps for something so cute. And I have a ton of paper scraps, so I think I'll end up making too many of these!  And I can't wait!

Okie Doke kids...Let's get that weekend started!!
Make it a GREAT one!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Sweet ideas, and love the confetti bowl!! Congrats on your feature, too! Sending some sunshine you way this weekend! xo Heather

  2. LOVE Mrs. Meyers products...geranium is my favorite too...even better they come out with some seasonal ones at Christmas and they have one that is a baby smell ;) Thanks for the info on the craft tutorials website - now I have something new to explore! Happy Weekend..(it's raining here too!)

  3. love Mrs. Meyers rose geranium is my favorite scent. Have you gotten a whiff of Methods Bark and cinnamon???? Oh I want more of that too! Congrats on the book. So excited for you both!!! Can't wait to get a copy this fall. I think you need to stop in Indianapolis on your book signing tour! Youve got a place to stay!oxj

  4. That first shot is just wonderful. Looks like such a cozy place. I've never tried Myers, but the rose geranium sounds devine... maybe enough to have me pick up a bottle?

  5. Congratulations on your book!! I can't wait to get it :) Also, I'm loving that caddy, and I must try that cleaning spray!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Ooo! The paper mache ball is pretty awesome!

    Ergo - Blog


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