Oh boy oh boy... Wednesday already! Honestly, I don't even know what day of the week it feels I shouldn't try to be the authority on whether it feels like Wednesday or not. I guess I'm just saying that all the days are melting together. We're in a pretty good groove finishing up last minute book details.
There's a certain weirdness knowing that the stuff we're working on right now will all be captured forever between two covers. I know this is a common practice...making books...but to me it's a bit surreal. And very exciting. For years our days have been filled with paper, paint, and happy vintage bits of ephemera...but now there's an added layer of self consciousness...ya know, because it's for posterity's sake now...the projects are for everyone to do right along side us for years on down the line. Hopefully! : ) 

I posted this pic the other day on Instagram and facebook and received SO many messages and emails asking where I got it and if this was the original color, and if I had any more I'd be willing to sell. I'm such a sucker vintage toys...and this one is plastic...and aqua! It brings back so many memories of "playing store".  I did a quick search on ebay and found this exact one...and a few others equally as cute. I have two others in my fledgling collection. One is pink, the other tan. But they are metal. So the question of whether I had any that I'd be willing to sell...fat chance...I don't think I've even scratched the surface yet in my toy cash register obsession. 

This is a familiar site around here...each morning starts with a pile of cute stuff and a "story board" to outline projects.  

Oh and yes we had a day of clay! Always a great time!

Yep... check this mess out! And yes that is a "garbage box". I spy a Kashi wrapper and an old sponge in there. ha! 

Did you guys know that writing a book entails using a blowdryer? Well yeah it does! It's a fact Jack! 

ha! I'm laughing as I type this... Just tonight we were prepping dinner, and Aaron was on cutting board duty. He asked me "How much green onion?" reply, "a month".

 hahaha!!! Yep! I meant to say a cup! My brain is fried guys! Holy Crow! 

Oh and why not share this pic? This guy is the best napper on the block! It was such a struggle to keep these eyes open as I was talking to him. Such a little moosh!

Yep, so that's what's going on over here! Tomorrow is a day full of errands...orders to ship, groceries to shop for and a few other things.  

Thanks for popping in friends! Hope all is lovely on your end!
xo Jenny...and Aaron!


  1. As soon as I saw the cash register without knowing whose board it came from I went to ebay and snatched one up lol it's pink and dingy but I can clean it up, I also peeped the blue one and I hope I can get that one too, I really want the green typewriter as well! I should've known it came from your board, when I realized it came from your collection of photos I was like I shoulda known! I started collecting vintage toys about 2 years ago, I still have my first ever baby doll from when I was a y.o.(my second Christmas)and I jumped 10 feet when I found a never opened box with my exact same baby doll on ebay. I bought her immediately! I'd love to have a vintage pink washing machine but it's apparently coveted and it's hard out here in these vintage toy collecting streets! :)

  2. Love the cash register! I have a thing for toy stoves and refrigerators ;)Hopefully your week will wind down and you can relax a little soon!

  3. I can not point out a single thing. The place is really cute. But Cas register looks beautiful.

  4. That little cash register is a dream. I would like to see a pic of your other 2 also. So cute.

  5. Awww I use to play store all the time when I was little too. :) I still wanna play store only this time like for realz lol! Hope you can eventually come up for some air!

  6. You have a knack for finding the most unique items. I always look forward to Friday faves.


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