Ohh Olivia

Yesterday was this little munchkin's 1st Birthday Party! Our niece, Olivia. My parents drove down from upstate NY, and have been staying with my brother and his family all week in anticipation of yesterday's party to celebrate this adorable little gal. Both families were in attendance and we got to meet some new family members. And seeing this little silly goose in action was a treat...displaying plenty of new teeth since last time we saw her...and debuting lots of new tricks, and strong opinions. Just check her out in that adorable little outfit! (take note of the blur here and below...rarely will you catch her sitting still.)

Of course I was smiling big when I walked in and saw this super cute cake! The colors are regulars on my palette. So happy and sweet. It was really good too...strawberries and cream filling.

And here is the little princess...Birthday Cake in her Birthday Suit! ;)  She always has to go shirtless when she eats...it is a riot!

She loved her cake!  Look at that tiny little bracelet and those earrings! What a good time she had...and we had. It was so nice seeing everyone. 
Even though I talk to my parents all the time on the phone, it just isn't the same as getting to see them. My dad is a total riot. He's got a super abstract sense of humor...and he really cracks himself up...and while he's cracking himself up you sit there trying to decipher his "joke"...and then it hits you and you're like "whaaaaat??"
 He's now an amalgam of two worlds...NYC Hells Kitchen/ The West Side meets super upstate New York. So the stories are hilarious. Tales of a guy named "Twinkie" that fixes motors and never gets out of his chair on wheels, John Deere hat, and hunting camo...but told in rapid fire urban vernacular. 
  And my Mom, oh geez...the second we walked in she's boasting about Aaron and I and our book and our "product lines". Seriously, I felt 12 all over again! So so so sweet of her...but geez I felt my face get red. ha! It really does mean so much to me and Aaron though. And I really love my parents for that. Every phone call with my mom, she spends at least some time telling me how proud she is of what we do and what we've done. And sometimes that is the most important, most needed thing at the moment. And there's never any risk of compliments going to this one's head...I'm fully aware that it's all relative of course...highs look real high when the lows get so low.

Well, they are headed back upstate today. Their 6+ hour drive into higher altitudes.

Overall, it was a really really really nice time. And we can thank this little peanut for bringing us all together.

Thanks for popping in guys! Enjoy your day!
xo Jenny


  1. What a sweet little girl Jenny, hope NJ is treating you well. Xoxo
    Thea, Sean and crew

  2. What a sweet little girl. The cake is GORGEOUS!

  3. Look at that sweet little birthday diva! I love the tiara! Love her name too! I'm glad that everybodyh was able to get together and have a great time! Hugs, Leena

  4. aww.. what a little dolly! babies have a way of bringing everyone together! I had most of my family over yesterday for a birthday celebration and had both of my little grand pies.. makes for the topping on the cake!
    have a great week!

  5. Cuteness overload!!!!!!!
    The baby girl and the cake colors look so cute together!!
    Happy Birthday Olivia <3

    love lots,


  6. Such a sweet and precious niece!! Love the cake! xo Heather

  7. What a cutie! That's one very pretty cake, too.


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