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Hey hey! May is off to a busy yet great start. We've been working round the clock and we couldn't be happier about that. Our love of art journaling and mixed media makes the busy work not so busy seeming. We know how lucky we are that we get to do this stuff everyday. And we look forward to doing lots more. Every project spawns an idea for about a dozen more projects...all of them leading down different creative avenues. I just know that we'll be branching out...and this thrills me because it's sure to put us in a position to meet even more like minded peeps.

 Writing our book has us bursting with loads of creativity that we'd love to spread around. We cannot wait to book a bunch of teaching events across the country. It is so much fun to get out there and get inspiration from people who love the same stuff. 

 Our dream is to teach in other countries. I love traveling to new places...and plus, naive me, I always wonder about the itty bitty technical details. Like is there a translator at these art events walking around with a Bobby Brown (showing my age) or Britney Spears head set? Is everyone wearing translating headsets like UN delegates? We have friends that have taught at some amazing scrappy events in France and Italy...but it's not like I've asked any of them about how it works. Maybe I prefer the silly cartoon version that's in my head. Maybe I prefer to think that everyone in the world is monolingual like us Americans.

 But boy would that be the coolest thing ever! Totally want to make that happen! Of course a little tour of fabulous scrapbooking shops and art events closer by will do us just fine. Kinda like Aaron's old hardcore band days. Jeez, thinking back to that time now...we were all kids! And kids were running the record labels and zines...and it was kids setting up the shows and planning tours and selling demos and 7 inches in order to raise money to go to Europe to play in hole-in-the-wall clubs in Dusseldorf. And no one thought it the least bit crazy or unattainable. 

Just giving some more sneak peeks of book projects. Can't wait 'til you guys have hardcopies in your hands! These art journal pages are all done step by step in the book. 

Oh and while we work away in the studio this is what you'll find in the living room. Occasionally one of these guys will jump down off the couch and mosey in to see what we are up to. So we have to take a quick two minute cuddle break and then tuck them back in under blankies.

Ohhh was a super exciting day over here when our brand new fridge was delivered! Our first new fridge ever! Being renters for so long we never had to buy one...the fridge comes with the apartment...and it's always a terrible fridge. So our latest fridge, as well as our dishwasher, had damaged wiring and so does all of the electrical stuff in the walls of our kitchen, post hurricane. We still have to have an electrician come to give us all new wiring and outlets, etc... So for now the fridge has and extension cord leading to an outlet in the living room. The pups were pretty excited about the new fridge too! And they love that we fill their teacups with water from the door of the fridge...fancy! 
Oh and yes that is indeed a Donald Trump bobble head on the door of the fridge...he's been a fridge resident for years...long story, but I promise to get into that another time! :)  ha!

Ok ok...this! I just HAD to buy this yesterday while shopping...Bread Cheese...the label suggests that you "Dip it in your coffee." Say whaaaat? weeeeeird! And when I instagrammed this pic I got sooo many questions from equally intrigued foodies. So we googled it. Bread Cheese is originally from Finland and I'm not bothering with the translation, since to me it reads like a condensed list of Ikea products. And yes, in Finland and Sweden, they often eat it at breakfast. And yes...dipped in coffee! Also lots of folks say it tastes just like grilled cheese. Meaning the whole grilled cheese sandwich contained in a single piece of cheese! Note: there is no bread whatsoever in this cheese...only in the name. Me and Aar threw a little square of it in a grill pan yesterday (which is what the experts recommend) and it was deeeelish and did taste exactly like an AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich. And we think it would be perfect with some berry jam. Not sure if I'm gonna do the coffee thing...but who knows. 

We've been doing lots of cooking and have some yummy recipes to share soon. We're also looking forward to celebrating our anniversary later this week. And my little brother Walt's birthday!

Thanks for popping in! Have a Great day!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron 


  1. That cheese reminds me of something my family does (and i have learned to LOVE!) in Colombia. They whip up a pot of frothy hot chocolate (Abuelita's or Barra) and pour it in a coffee cup and throw in a couple (or a lot in my case) slices of mozzerella cheese. It gets melted and is oh. so. good.

  2. I wish there was some event in my area of NY (buffalo, rochester) that you guys could come teach at. It would be so great to meet you. I got a little chuckle out of trump in your fridge. I kept a hallmark fridge ghost in mine for a long time and every time you opened the fridge, it would say... "brrrrr... its ca ca ca cold in here" I got a kick out if and every time someone would come over Id ask them to get something for me out of the fridge! It drove my husband crazy.. eventually the batteries died. I still have him though.. just waiting for me to remember to buy a battery for him someday! lol
    have a lovely springy day!

  3. I'd love to take a mixed media art class with you! Love your style!


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