"talk & thought bubbles" Sticker Sheets now available!

We talk about having lots of irons in the fire over here pretty darn often...and it's the truth. We are constantly in the state of trying to balance filling orders, doing custom work, designing for projects, making home repairs and chipping away at renovations, plus normal life stuff. I'm certainly not complaining. Idle time is always served with a side order of the blues. So being busy keeps us bright eyed and bushy tailed. But still...we love to make new art...the challenge is in finding the time to do so. Patience is key. We accepted long ago that we will simply not be able to uninterruptedly work on an artful project. We must grab snippets of time over days, sometimes weeks. 
Though we will try to show some sneak peeks whenever we can...probably in hopes of soliciting some encouragement from our dear sweet friends.
Not long ago we had shared a few pics of our "talk & thought bubbles" in progress and so many of you were excited about them..which in turn made us excited! We knew we just had to finish them up and make a sticker sheet. Well, because of their size and also our inability to edit them down to fit a single page, we had to make two sticker sheets! Even better! 
 So...being that I didn't want to just make this post about new stuff we made...I've also included some great examples of how talk and thought bubbles really bring focus and fun to an Art Journal. 
The above Art Journal page is one of the step by step tutorials in our book! This page is dedicated to "Favorite things", and I think a talk bubble is the perfect fit for a page like this. I almost feel like it's the Art Journal who is speaking. As if to tell the casual observer "Yes, these are some of Jenny's Favorite Things...take note!"

Here Aaron adds a super sweet stitched touch to the bubble. So many possibilities!

And I recently shared this "Dream Big" art journal page tutorial using some of the papers from our scrapbooking collection!

Our love for talk & thought bubbles goes back quite a while. They are a go-to doodle. I remember doodling them all over the cover of my notebooks in high school. You may remember this sweet two page Art Journal spread we did here on the blog,  It was part of the Art Journaling series we did. All of those tutorials can be found on the "Art Journaling" page. There are step by step instructions with little videos like the one above. 

(watermarks will not appear on your sticker sheets)

And here are the sticker sheets! We wanted to keep them doodley & cute...and of course, in our favorite color palette. And including a cute girl was mandatory! You may remember seeing a girl just like her on our Starlet ornaments from Christmas. 

So...you get both of these sticker sheets as a set! We normally sell our full color sticker sheets for 10.50 each, but you get both for 16.50! They are in the shop now! We really look forward to seeing them in YOUR art journals, layouts, and projects! So please blog them, facebook them, send us pics! If you are on Instagram feel free to tag me @jennyeveryday and #everydayisaholiday 

Happy talking and thinking!
xo Jenny...and Aaron!


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