"A party without Cake is just a meeting" Art Journal page

The past few days have been so incredibly gloomy. We've had a whole lotta rain! I can gauge the amount by going into my laundry room and measuring how full all of the various buckets are. Yep, we're still without a ceiling in there. But repairs are imminent. (waiting on the Insurance Co.)
This weather is just plain crummy. It's nearly April but it's looking like February out there. We want Spring to arrive so badly, and while we patiently wait we're doing whatever we can to prepare. Lots of cleaning and organizing in anticipation of Spring afternoons full of creating with the windows open and warm sun beating on our work table. We pulled out our Canon Selphy while dusting and organizing, and realized it had been a very long time since we last used it. We had to smack ourselves for neglecting this wonderful little tool for so long, and we refused to put it away without first putting it to use. My Art Journal was close at hand, and within moments a plan was hatched for a pretty page that would have a Selphy print as it's focal point. The rest of the day's Spring cleaning would have to wait. ;)

What is a Canon Selphyyou might ask? Well, it is an incredibly cute tiny little portable printer! Which also happens to be wireless. You can print directly from your phone or iPad! It is so perfect for scrapbooking, art journaling, or just printing photos quickly. And being able to print photos perfectly, and at a moment's notice is awesome. We are big fans of printing photos for inspiration boards, or for quick handmade cards...and for Art Journal projects like this one. Using the Selphy wirelessly with your phone or other devices is as simple as downloading the free app. It prints on 4 x 6 paper, and it's so fun to watch it print...the way the paper feeds into the front and then peeks out the back, each time it passes through the machine it picks up another color, yellow, then pink, then blue, etc...Like getting to see the inner workings of a tiny print shop. 

I wanted to print an instagram photo, which is square, so I also used the app Afterlight to resize it, which gave me room on the top and bottom to trim. You can also use apps like Picstich to print two photos side by side.

I love this photo! It's so sweet. A fave faux cake of ours on top of one of the papers from our paper collection. This made for a good starting point...and made it pretty easy for us to gather corresponding papers for the page. I started with a fresh page from my Art Journal and then laid out some supplies, including papers from our collection...the pink striped paper is the b-side of our paper titled "Ballerina Cupcakes", and the other is called "Hooray For Cake" (for obvious reasons!). 

paper info: 
 Melissa Frances, The Sweet Life: "Ballerina Cupcakes"
Melissa Frances, The Sweet Life: "Hooray For Cake"

It's awesome to have your very own paper collection to work with. But what's also awesome is making your own patterned papers at a moment's notice. I had a very specific idea in mind and it was easy to execute. On a piece of plain white watercolor paper (you could also use cardstock), I watered down some acrylic craft paints, and splattered my page. 

Then when it was dry, using a sharpie pen, I wrote my quote. It is one of my favorite lines ever from the incomparable Julia Child. It just might be the truest sentence ever spoken in the English language. ha!
 I made sure to position my letters so that I got speckles of color in and around my letters. I then cut out the words, leaving a good amount of space around each word so that I'd get more of the speckled paper. 

I added some photo corners to my trimmed cake print, and cut out some doilies from a favorite paper. 

paper info:
Crate Paper, Style Board: "Vintage Charm" 

Next, for the main background I adhered the pink striped paper to my page. I used matte gel medium, but you could use whatever you like. I then cut out a frame/border. To get it symmetrical I used a piece of tracing paper, drew a quarter of the outline shape, then folded in half to repeat the image, just like we did as kids when cutting out a perfect heart. I then traced the shape onto the patterned paper, reversed the tracing, and traced the other side on. So I had the left and right portions of border. Having it divided into two pieces made it easier to adhere to the page. Again, I used gel medium to adhere it.

Next, to add a bit of depth and vintage feel, I watered down some tan paint and used a small round detail brush to float the wash around the edge separating the border from the background.

Next I adhered my doilies, photo, and words. 

Distressing with paint is one of our favorite go-to additions to pages, even though this is more of a clean scrapbookish type of page. I wanted to add a little bit of messy to it...just a pop of color to the edge of my page. With my finger tip I just rubbed a bit of aqua paint on the edges...the perfect amount of pretty imperfection.

Next I used a paint brush to coat my foam Thickers with a thin layer of mod podge, and then poured on one of my favorite accents from Martha Stewart Crafts...Luster Glass Microbeads in "Feldspar".
 I could have just left the Thickers plain, but the microbeads felt as if I was sprinkling sprinkles on a cake or cupcake. Plus, more texture is always welcome! 

I love how it looks! I also added a few pink sequins, which sorta resembles tossed confetti at a party.

I felt like the page needed some flowery bits. So I grabbed another one of our papers from The Sweet Life collection titled "Bits & Pieces". The paper is a patchwork page with a bunch of pretty handpainted bits that can be cut out individually. These classic floral clusters can be used in so many ways.

They are similar to the tiny florals we painted on our Hooray For Cakes paper...they also perfectly mimic the roses on the cake in the photo! To fancy it up a bit more, and to add some always welcome texture, I added a little bit of gold thread, which I adhered to the bottom right of my photo, and then glued the floral cluster on top of it.

I also added some tiny wood veneer dots here and there, which I covered in chocolate brown glitter and more of my aqua beads.

It's a simple and sweet page. Very often I like to get very messy and free with paint, like in my abstract paintings. But sometimes I like things to be cleaner...just neat, fresh, and bright.

Here it is finished. Just a sweet little journal page, which came out of nowhere really. The mundane act of dusting shelves lead to pulling out supplies, and next thing ya know...a few hours later, I've got a sweet spread in my Art Journal. And the main elements are from our very own paper collection! 

Oh, and it goes without saying...but I'll say it anyway...We are just so so excited to be seeing our paper collection showing up in stores! If you've purchased it and have created anything with it, we'd LOVE to see pics! 

If you enjoyed this project you may love our book!

Happy Sunday friends!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. So much Cuteness!! Thanks for sharing your process. Your "cake" letters look just like those pre made decorations you can get at the grocery store. I need to get me some of those beads!

  2. Love love love love love this!!!! So gorgeous!! Pinning!!!

  3. Is it wrong of me to want to eat this journal? I was fine until you added the beads and really made the cake look like CAKE! Can't get it out of my head - bet I'm gaining weight from looking at it...yep, five pounds heading my way.

    Love your art - purchased your book right away, now waiting on you two to do on-line videos (Painting Girls) cause that's about the only way I'll be able to take a class. Gina in Springfield, IL

  4. Super pretty! I love that art journaling can include using pretty paper and embellies! Gotta check out your book!!

  5. Congratulations and I look forward to purchasing your book!

  6. This is so adorable! And so true:) I have cake in my fridge from my son's birthday party yesterday calling me right now. Why not make my work hours into a party, too!

  7. what a great machine. id love to have something like that. so cute.



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