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For us weekends are still workdays, but we try to at least work on some other projects in tandem with whatever work we've got going on. The side projects act as pseudo-breaks in our day...but our real deal break time is when we stop to prepare and eat an awesome meal. I posted pics of today's dinner on Instagram earlier today and on another occasion when we made this same exact meal. A lot of people have been asking for the recipe so I figured I would share it here...well, I'm sharing a link to where we got the recipe from. We gave the dish a little bit of our own personal touches, but it's pretty faithful to the site where we got it from. So if you're interested in a delicious and healthy recipe then check down at the bottom of this post and be sure to follow the link. 
Everything else you'll see in this post is pretty much a glimpse of our weekend projects and recent bits of interest from around our home.
I'd love to tell you that one of this weekend's projects had to do with baking a cherry pie...but alas, the pic above of that perfect looking pie is sheer illusion. It happens to be made of paper mache! And old paper mache. It's one of my favorite vintage finds in a long time. I found it on ebay! And for $5.00! I have no idea how old it is...not that it really matters...I just love the idea of it. I'm normally a cake girl, but nothing says home sweet home like a classic cherry pie. And this one lasts forever. 

Oh, and while we are still in the kitchen, I wanted show you this update I gave to a little home project. Recently I shared a tutorial for these vintage inspired crates, and just the other day I ended up adding some vintage wallpaper to them. I really like the way the wallpaper softens their appearance. And I love little vintage vignettes like this. Vignettes put together with a variety of vintage, new, decorative, and practical items remind me of the good ol days of Anthropologie. I'm referring to the big location on West Broadway in NYC. Way back when Soho still had a bunch of vintage shops and cool independent decor stores. Anthropologie used to go all out with their in store displays. I still love shopping Anthro today, but it's much more streamlined. I loved how many vintage one-of-a-kinds you could find...and the displays were so darn artful and unique. But I can understand them doing away with those displays...I think I did way more gawking back then, and way less shopping.

As I said, this weekend was a typical Jenny & Aaron weekend. All sorts of projects happening at once. Lot's of paper, paint, glue...and yes...wood. You know what they say: "the couple that sands together..."
ha! but seriously, we are so thankful for all of our collectors/customers who make all of this work possible. We get so many return customers adding to their collections and that feels great. Presently, the wooden plaques are a hit. We've got lots going out in the mail this coming week. 

And it seems our Instagram inspired pieces must have been on a few wish lists lately. Lots of those are going out this week too!

This is a glimpse of one of the aforementioned side projects which will be part of a super cute blog tutorial. We have a few tutorials lined up and we cannot wait to share them with you! 

This was a little scene from this afternoon. Lots of circle punching going on. A fun project that we wanted to play around with...also for one of those future tutorials.

And here its the fab meal I mentioned earlier. Seriously delicious...light, and yet super satisfying and filling. So fresh and flavorful. They're called Deconstructed Falafel bowls and the name sums them up perfectly...but me and Aaron refer to it as "A party in a bowl"!

No pita bread here. In place of the pita bread just insert the grain of your choice. Tonight we used quinoa, which we love. It's protein packed and really pairs well with the tahini dressing. Also in this bowl: spiced roasted chick peas, hummus, tahini, fresh veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh parsley...and tonight we included a broccoli slaw mix. And for an extra kick we topped it with a little sriracha. 

If you are into these flavors and are looking for a great lunch or lighter yet filling dinner then look no further.

You can find the original recipe over at Vegan Yack Attack. And like I said, we really haven't changed much at all. In place of the pickled turnips we went with the broccoli slaw mix, and though we have made this using tabbouleh, tonight we went with quinoa being that we were out of tabbouleh. 

So...dinner was YUM, and now we are counting down the minutes till the season premier of Game of Thrones! Ahhh! Cannot wait! Anyone else psyched?

Happy Sunday friends! Thanks for popping in! Don't be shy, say hi in the comments!
xo Jenny...and Aaron 


  1. Looks like you all have been busy again!! :) Loving that paper mache pie you found ... that is AWESOME!!!

    1. It never ends Julie! So much to do ALWAYS! ha! But again, we are a little crazy. ;) Yeah! That pie is so fun isn't it? So psyched that I found it! I wonder if we could make one? hmmm

  2. You must be the most efficient couple ever. Yesterday, we went grocery shopping, and then decided we were too exhausted to cook. We foraged for leftovers and laid in bed reading the Hardy Boys. Haha.

    1. haha! That made me LOL! You are too cute! We seriously got a big kick out of visualizing you guys... the Hardy Boys! ha! yes!!! We totally need to hang out one day! Thanks for popping in!! XO


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