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It looks like it's going to be the wonderful Spring weekend we've all been waiting for here in Jersey. Spring has been taking forever to show up, but gradually it's getting warmer out there. A couple days ago me and Aaron took our first beach walk of the season. It was still chilly and windy up by the water, but it was pleasant enough for us. I'm really looking forward to doing some of our work out on the deck. We've got lots of base coating to do, on plaques and die cuts, and doing it out in the sunshine will feel great. And oh jeez...don't even get me started on the idea of grilling up our veggies every evening out there in the open air. I've been dying to get the grill fired up.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. I better keep my mouth shut about the pleasant weather or I just might jinx it. I'm psyched for Easter. The entire Jersey Shore pretty much opens for the season on Easter weekend. So it feels very fitting to open up this Friday Favorites with these super sweet Easter tags. 

I've shared lovely tags from Lia before, and these latest Easter tags only improve upon my already high opinion of her work. And guess what?...these are free printables! 
And not only are the tags printable...the sweet gift wrap is as well! You can find them all right here.

I love this table! The color is so bright and I love the contrast with the wood. It's half industrial, half super fun. Rustic yet modern. And the best is a folding table! It's from World Market, who always has my number when it comes to furniture. They call it a Beer Garden table. I can think of a million uses for it. When I was putting this table in the post, right below those tags by Lia, I instantly imagined owning this and it being our designated giftwrapping table. That would be awesome.

Oh jeez, there's a word that I simply cannot stand: procrastination. Yep, procrastination drives me crazy. I love days when everything that pops into my head gets done right then and there. To me, that is the definition of a good day. 
That's why I love this sign. This simple statement says it all. 

One of my all time favorite collectibles are vintage photos. Vintage holiday photos and birthday photos are the best. Over the years I've come across some really fantastic vintage Christmas tree photos, with kids posed in front holding their prized toys. And I love vintage photos of kids with their birthday cakes. I'm always searching for the classic "kids on Santa's lap" pics. But the much rarer cousin to Santa's lap pics are Easter bunny lap pics. They're not too easy to find, and they go for a pretty penny on ebay. I'm partial to shots from the 1940s - 50s. For my collections I generally like Easter bunny photos that are actually sweet. But it is also very entertaining when you come across the crazy ones. And for some reason, there are lots of very weird looking Easter bunny costumes out there. So, hats off to the girls over at Prudent Baby for putting together this round-up of 25 Absolutely Terrifying Easter Bunnies. You have to click over to see them all....there are some gems in there.

Aaron and myself are makers of signage, and therefore, we treasure any vintage reference that we come across. We are suckers for vintage neon from boardwalks and ice cream shops. And this Giant Ice Cream Cone is like a total dream! It would be amazing in our livingroom! The rust stains are perfect. And I love the sun faded tones of the pink and blue, and that cherry too! Wow! 

Right now I could totally go for these Honey, Peanut butter & Coconut cookies. The recipe is simple, and I swoon for an ingredients list that is as short as this one. 

The other day my friend Carolyn shared a link to this home, which was listed for sale in Toronto. The owner is a 96 year old gal, and it's pretty much a 1950s time capsule. Carolyn suspected that I'd die over these pics...and she was right! This entryway is my favorite. That wallpaper is so incredibly beautiful. I'd move in just based on the entryway!

And this living room! Everything is so pristine! It all reminds me so so much of The Madonna Inn! I've never been to the Madonna Inn, but it is on the top of my list of places that I must stay in one day! You truly should take a few minutes to browse some of the rooms

It is all so much fun! Especially when you consider that it's pretty much a secret. All of these magical pastel interiors are hidden away behind an exterior...that looks...

like this! 

I love it! It would be amazing if the next owner just kept it exactly as-is.

Ok, thanks again for reading my Friday Faves. I hope you found some fun and inspired things. Have a fabulous weekend!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Wonderful post Jenny... the ice cream cone is to die for and I love the loveseat with your "if not now when" sign..! xo

  2. Loving all the goodies!! Those bunny pics ... whoa! some are pretty freaky!! LOL!! And loving that house! I wanna move to Toronto!!!

  3. Ah that ice cream cone sign is perfect, and those cookies sound amazing! I kept meaning to look at that house article, so I'm so glad you posted it!

    xox Sammi

  4. I have been going through your blog and just wanted to say that I really like it!

  5. That house is intense! So amazing, I feel like it should be a museum, an kept preserved!

  6. I've got to try those Honey Peanut Butter and Coconut Cookies! They look yummy:)


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