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It's Friday... and it's a Holiday Weekend. Those are two plusses in anybody's book. I love Easter for the pastel colors, the sweet treats, and the baskets full of fun. I have vivid memories of picking out Easter outfits to wear to church...oh geez some are cringe that white 1940s inspired hat with veil combo...and the fact that I wore it with a pink and cream damask blazer, layered over a white blouse with black bow tie! Oh and by the way...I was 11 years old. Always the style maven. And my mom totally allowed my adolescent self to get as disgustingly inventive as she wanted. Luckily I really didn't do heels...that would've added injury to insult. Horrible fashion memories aside, I've always found the aesthetics of Easter to be right up my alley. 

Speaking of Easter aesthetics...I just adore adore adore these bunny nails. So simple yet so effective. Perfectly sweet.

 This tutorial for these coffee filter Fascinators from Aunt Peaches is just so much fun! A totally worthy improvement upon the Easter Bonnet. 

Now does it get more adorable than these? What a perfect way to to present macarons this Easter. Or anytime if you just love cute bunnies like I do. Check out the simple and sweet tutorial over at Sugar & Cloth

 Love these gold leaf eggs! Fabulous! There is something so magical that happens when you pair pastels with shiny gold. These are absolutely enchanting.

And these super simple, super cute doodled eggs are just as sweet as the gold leaf eggs, but they're for those of us who love that scribbly hand drawn look. They're simply rendered with a sharpie. To see them from start to finish check out Paper & Stitch.

This is such an adorable little project...DIY iron on bunny tees.  How cute would these be for the littles in your life! And again, not just for Easter either! Of course I would wear one myself in a hop, skip, and a jump! 

And I just had to include this image. Need I explain why? The word that font! And this totally resembles the fab old motels we've got peppered all up and down the Jersey Shore. Oh jeez, Easter weekend is when all of our boardwalks open for the season. I'm predicting at least a short trip to see the sights and sounds of the stands, the rides, and the waves crashing in the distance.  

Whatever it is you have planned for this weekend we hope that you have a wonderful time. Lets hope for some warm sun. Get out there and enjoy it!
xo Jenny...& Aaron says hi!


  1. Love and joy to you guys!!

    Hoppy Easter :)

    Kebbie, Lilly & Ken

  2. Ah what beautiful Easter picks! I especially love the bunny nails! Eeee!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks! Aren't they all so fun? And yes! those nails are beyond cute! Thanks bunches for popping in! :) xo

  3. So many ideas for next Easter and for just the hell of it!! xx


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