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It seems like so long since we last blogged. I think it's been about 9 days, but it seems longer. With the change in weather (and mental state) we've been getting out of the house and studio a bit more. And I gotta feels really good. Our weekend spent upstate at my parent's cabin was just what the doctor ordered. Muddy midnight quad rides through the woods seems like as far as you can get from painting pink cupcakes! Not that there's anything unpleasant about painting cupcakes...but everyone needs a break.
 After getting back from the cabin trip, just a few days later we went to the Ocean Grove Flea Market...another great time! And this weekend we went for the trifecta and hit the Country Living Fair up in Rhinebeck, NY. I can't recommend the CL Fair highly enough. I took lots of pics, but because we've been working on getting lots of orders out the door, I still have to go through and edit the photos! But we plan on blogging our day at the CL Fair later this week! It was such an AMAZING show!  

We've been working round the clock on orders, but we pepper in an hour here and there to work on new designs. The latest that we are so excited about are our Victorian era inspired Cat wooden diecuts. We referenced a bunch of antique clip art as well as photos of adorable kitties. We gave them complimenting ribbons in pink and aqua, complete with tiny jingle bells. We once had a tabby of our own, so we started with our fave. We got a great response almost as soon as we shared them on Instagram and Facebook. So that's very exciting! We've already got a handful of kitty diecuts that we'll be sending to new homes across the country later this week! 

And being that last Friday was National Doughnut Day we made sure to paint a classic pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles just in time.

Here's Aaron with his prize...and it looks as if he doesn't want to give it up. He's generally a veggie and fruit guy when it comes to snacks...but he's a sucker for doughnuts. Remember the Amish Doughnuts from our trip upstate? Well these are about that same size! ha! 
We had a sale going for Doughnut Day, but we are keeping it going another few days. So if you'd like a Doughnut, or Kitty, or anything else in the shop...right now you can take 25% off using code: DOUGHNUTS 
Here it is hanging along side our Vanilla Extract bottle diecut. 

And this may be my very favorite of all of our diecuts. We did it a few weeks back but it's still brand new to me. I guess because I had been wanting to do it for so so long. I think I've had Bunny Baby diecut sketches for years! Bunny Baby is one of our most prized collectibles (and family member/muse). I think our collections are my absolute favorite subject to paint.   

Isn't it so BIG?! So fun! 

And I couldn't be happier with the response! You guys "get it"! We shipped a bunch of Bunny Babies this past week and have another batch going out this week.

I love this photo that our friend Elena posted on Instagram of her bunny baby laying in a pool of pink tulle, surrounded by bunny friends and a pink heel. The second she shared this pic I knew Bunny Baby was in a more than worthy new home! ha!

And as we were packing orders this morning, we stopped and considered how much we love Instagram. We did these above paintings in square format and cropped them in the style of perfectly zoomed in Instagram pics. 
Through Instagram, not only can we connect with new collectors of our work...we've also made so many new friends. It's great to find other artists and makers who are creating and hustling in the same way we are. And there is just so much eye candy on Instagram. What a simple and great way to document daily life. We love scrolling back and seeing months of our life...the meals we have cooked, the things we have painted, fun with the pups...and yes, it stings my heart a bit when I scroll to a pic of little Jack. He has his own #hashtag....#littlejackthechihuahua. Gosh I love him so much! 

Here's a super fun display of our Instagram inspired plaques in our friend Lisa's kitchen. I love the phone, the lighting, the BAKE...

And I just had to share this! Such a fun surprise. I was tagged on Instagram, and the tag led me to a sweet friend's feed... (@bingobuttercup) she did this adorable illustration of me!  So unexpected. And her kind words made me smile. 

I love good mail days...but what I love even more are GREAT mail days. I just couldn't believe my good fortune on the most recent great mail day. I opened a package which was wrapped like a gift, and inside was a total surprise! It was sent to me from one of the cutest gal's I know, Lizzy, aka The Connoisseur of Cute. We met through the aforementioned awesome Instagram. Yep...this is the Betsey Johnson, Ice Cream cone wristlet that was a Friday Favorite of mine a while back. I have seriously had this on my wish list! If you love it and would like one of your own you can find them in Lizzy's shop! It's perfect!

Ok, that's the rundown of Jenny & Aaron's life for now. Like I said...I'll be back to recap the Country Living Fair very soon. We've got all the windows open today and the fan is blowing, helping to dry some paint. I love warm temps, but dislike super cold and super hot. I know we only get so much of this mild weather, so I'm fully appreciating every bit of it. I hope you guys are comfortable in your respective climates.

xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I love those instagram inspired pieces!

  2. These are so cute! I have to tell you I just love your "The Sweet Life" collection and will be doing my Ustream show tomorrow using it. I wish I had know about Ocean Grove I would have like to have gone. Hugz, Zandra

  3. All of these are so cute. The soft texture on the bunny paintings!

  4. I love everything Jenny...It makes me want to go all pastel! I am so glad you peeps are doing is so deserved :)

    and I love that Illustration of you by bingo buttercup, that would look good as a print <3

    Bye for now my lovelies xxx

  5. You have been busy! LOVING the kitties and the bunny babies!!!!

  6. loving the kitties... they look purrrfectly sweet (I know that sounded corny but I had to do it)... love the donut too...
    cannot wait to display the blender die cut & cupcakes in my kitchen, will definitely send a photo to you guys to show you how it looks...

    toodles noodles ~ sweet dreams!

  7. Such loveliness as always! Annnnnd you blogged about my illustrations?!? GASP! I am over the moon! :)

  8. Love baby bunny and the kittens : )

  9. So much cuteness in one post! I love those doughnut die adorable and that ice cream cone purse is to die for!! Thanks for introducing me to Lizzy and her adorable shop! I'm now following her on Instagram too.

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Beauty & Skincare

  10. Ahhhh...this post is the best on all fronts! I love how pretty every single photo is! The doughnuts are especially cute though!

  11. Wow! Love the new stuff, especially those gorgeous kitties. :-)


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