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This past week I've been going through a lot of my collections and setting aside the things I absolutely must keep. And whatever doesn't fall into that category I'm going to be putting up for sale on Instagram. It feels good to streamline…though the word streamline is a gross exaggeration. Even if I sold half of everything I own, I'd still have a whole lotta stuff. But the winnowing down of my collectible possessions has got me seriously considering what I desire in my overall home decor esthetic. I definitely want things to be less busy. And by 'less busy' I might just mean a tighter color palette…smoother transitions from room to room. I guess my goal is to be surrounded by the things I love, but for them to exist in a soothing environment. Being that we work from home we need to infuse as much relaxation into the place as possible. We're still in the early stages with a lot of the stuff but I'll definitely keep you posted once I've got some good home shots to show. 

Anyway, it was this idea of bringing more subtlety into the home that attracted me to the above vignette. I love the way the sepia tones of the print and portrait simultaneously stand out against, and melt into the pale rose colored wall. And the pink toned floral pottery gives it just enough of a feminine touch. And yes…a strand of twinkle lights. 

I love this piece by artist David Shrigley.
I feel like you can take this in so many ways, and from day to day the way you read it will probably change. 
Is it a serious emotional affirmation? Is it complete sarcasm? Is it a commentary on the rose colored glasses effect in corporate advertising?

I wear mostly black and white with pops of color in my accessories. I think an all black outfit with these gold Oxfords from ASOS would be fantastic.

If I were to name the single most memorable character from The Addams Family, I'd say it's the black & white film it was shot on. Sure, most shows were in black & white when it was originally on the air. But I just can't imagine The Addams Family in anything but black & white. That whole gothic, macabre vibe just wouldn't play well if it was bathed in vibrant color. When we think Addams Family, we think black & white.

And that's why it's so awesome to see these rare photos that were taken on set. First off…wow! I want to live there. And second, it sets my artist mind afire. On one level I can look at the two images and it's like one is the sketch and one is the finished painting. But then I can also see the genius eye of the set decorator…how they were able to select colors that would translate to specific gradations on the grey scale.

Seriously…how cool is this shirt from Tumbleweeds Handcraft ! The design is based on an anonymous poem written in 1950:
 "How do I know that my youth is all spent, 
well, my get up and go has got up and went. 
But in spite of it all, I am able to grin 
when I recall where my get up has been"
In the very near future (as long as it takes to order one and have it delivered) I'm wearing this shirt. 

These chairs are so great. They're in the studio of lifestyle photographer Kelly Brown. I'd say that over the years of collecting, me and Aaron probably bought enough chairs to seat an audience in a small playhouse.

This mineral is gorgeous. The color is absolutely dreamy. And the crusted up bits of cream and tan almost give the effect of metallic gold. I did my best to google image search it, but no luck. I think it may be Smithsonite. I love it. If it looks that good it just has to hold some great energy.

The way we treat each other is what makes the world go round. And that's why the spin of the world might get a little shaky at times…we're not treating each other right. It's essential to look around…see who is making your little world spin smoother…and let them know that you know.

Ok, as a final note to these Friday Favorites I just had to include this little video. I don't think there has ever been a better birthday party ever in the history of birthday parties. Making mini things for mini woodland creatures to eat is now an internet staple. And lets hope this trend never ever goes out of style.

Thanks so much again for reading! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Oh those Oxfords from ASOS just took my heart away. Great collection. :)

  2. Who would have thought the walls of the Addams family home were pink?

  3. I relate to this post so much. First of all, I know what you mean about minimizing. In the past last few years of collecting vintage things and making my home as colorful as possible, I'm not noticing I'm now drawn to dreamy, white, plant-filled rooms... with character of course, not sterile minimalism. In my process of letting go of "things" I find that it's terribly hard! But I'm doing it.. making room to breath. Also, I'm obsessed with the Addam's family. All year I've been planning to be Morticia for Halloween. The sets are magical and dreamy! Far from minimal, but like you said, the grayscale brings it all together! Thanks for sharing your fun links!

  4. Love the Addams family set in color!Smithsonite is used for relaxation so you nailed that one in terms of energy. Very perceptive of you! XO

  5. Oh gosh! That raw mineral... I LOVE raw minerals and that one is the dreamiest color!


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