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When we wrap up our artwork to be shipped off to happy homes, we like to dress it up with pink tissue paper & bakers twine, and we always include a hand written thank you note. But probably the one little extra that we get the most feedback about is our salt water taffy. It's the trademark Jersey Shore treat, and we like to include a piece or two in every package that we ship out. And we happened to have found the best taffy ever. We really get emails all the time about the taffy. Most people tell us that it's the best taffy they've ever had. Recently we ran out of our good stuff and had to find a replacement brand, which were good too, but not nearly as good as these.
We were so psyched to get our new shipment in the mail. If you just stand near this pile that you see above, the sweet aroma is amazing. And if you're already familiar with our strawberry and cotton candy flavored taffy, you'll see two additional flavors here…neapolitan, and the white ones are vanilla. 

Have I mentioned how much we love making die cuts? Here's a handful just about ready to get boxed up and shipped.

And it always feels great to put the final hand painted touches on our signs.

So, the other day when we went to Whole Foods we just had to take a trip over to the bakery counter. We grabbed these cupcakes you see above. They're made at a local vegan bakery called Papa Ganache. They were really good. Our fave was the one on the left with the sugar crystals on top. It's creme brûlée!

This little beauty arrived recently. We love vintage ice cream boxes. I really have a thing for the tiny ones like this. I love that ice cream used to come in boxes like this. And it wasn't all that long ago. I remember they used to have these little plastic bags at the grocery store check-out, for you to put your box of ice cream in. 

This is the kind of stuff that randomly happens over here. I think our scary lady portrait is ready for Halloween and Easter all at once…she knows that Everyday is a Holiday.

Little Old Man Carlos

Lieutenant Dan

Also, let us not forget…Today is National Dog Day! For real, we have no idea what we'd do without these little guys in our life. They make us laugh and smile all day long. And oh boy, they certainly make sure to take part in everything we do throughout the day. The pair of 'em follow us from room to room all day long!

Ok, that's a little bit of what's going on around here. Thanks again for reading!
xo, Jenny…& Aaron 


  1. Hi guys!!! Love your die cuts and your hand painted signs! Wish I had room for that big menu sign in my kitchen. The ice cream box is adorable! Carols and Lt. Dan are as cute as ever!
    Michelle xoxo

  2. Hi! You have the most beautiful blog. It's pure eye candy! I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the name of your salt water taffy supplier. And before I sign off, I have to say how much I love the pictures of your precious little fur persons, Carlos and Lt. Dan, they couldn't be any cuter! Thank you for all the time and energy put into your beautiful artwork and this blog. Wishing you happiness always.

  3. Whole Foods has the BEST dessert counter ever!


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