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Me and Aaron kinda have a pattern that we fall into over and over. We make new art, and then get busy with orders and other things, and then gradually make some headway, thus making more time for making new art…and then the whole process repeats. Right now we're in the middle of making some headway, so we've got lots of creative projects starting up. The first thing we tackled over this past weekend was a little unfinished business. When we painted our pink frosted doughnut last month we had also started a chocolate frosted one, but we had to put that painting aside for bit in order to fulfill some orders. So, with our smidge of spare time over the weekend, we finished the chocolate doughnut! We love how it came out.
Oh, and do you see these doughnuts in the foreground?….they are vintage play food from 1987! And they are scented. They still smell like "Donuts"!

Here's a better view. We also have four munchkins that came with the set. They're from Dunkin Donuts. I've seen sets on ebay that come with the original Dunkin Donuts box, and they're pretty darn pricey.

So yes, being that we're debuting the chocolate frosted doughnut, and will possibly debut some other new pieces, we're keeping our Summer Sale going a little bit longer.

Once again, over the weekend we shipped out a bunch of orders. We love to see so much art going off to new homes.

And the good mail wasn't just outgoing. There was some great incoming as well!! We had to wake Lt. Dan up from a nap to tell him that he and his brother had received gifts from our friend Kimberlee. 

Kimberlee's signature color is black, hence the black bonies for the boys. And she also is very accustomed to big dogs. These would be tiny treats for her pup…but in order for our guys to make any sort of progress with these, we had to first break them up into smaller pieces! so funny. They loved them!

Kimberlee also hunted down the sparkly aqua collar we had been wanting for Lt. Dan…but wouldn't you know it…he is such a tiny peanut…so the collar was too big. We think it's the perfect hand-me-up for his big brother Carlos. Fits great, and it looks so good with his black coat. This pic here is after the two boys did plenty of running around like nuts. 

 Kimberlee always sends the most incredible care packages…just so thoughtful!! One of the treasures included was this incredible vintage wedding couple. Her arm grasps his! So darling! They look so sweet atop one of our faux cakes. 

Also over the weekend I pulled out my art journal for the first time in a couple weeks. I've been so occupied with orders and canvases that my journal has been lying there neglected. But that's what an art journal is for…you can open it and get to work whenever the mood strikes. And then close it up and put it to the side until the mood strikes again. Our journals don't mind that we artists are fair weather friends. 
I always notice that I do my work-work up on tables…and I do my play-work down on the floor. Probably because I'm being looser with my creativity when it's playtime. I might not have anything specific in mind, and when there isn't a set plan, it's good to be able to spread all of my supplies on the floor around me. I make a massive mess. 
Do any of you guys have similar work/play habits?

And yup, we also chipped away on the pink moldings while orders dried. We never get to do home projects in one sitting. They get spread out over many days.

Ok…this next thing is more than a big deal. Do you see the lovely Lt. Dan? And do you see that piece of artwork beside him? Well that is an original from Mary Engelbreit herself!!! It would be impossible for me to overstate what fans me and Aaron have always been of Mary. For 20 years she has been our hero in the world of art. So, when this gift from her arrived in the mail we were both in tears. It says: "for Jenny & Aaron, with thanks & love. Mary Engelbreit"

The greatest surprise ever! We will treasure it always! So so so so kind of Mary to take the time to make this very special piece of art. If you woulda told the 17 year old me that Mary E would send me an original painting one day, I seriously wouldn't believe you. Well, for that matter…if you told me even as recently as last week, I still wouldn't have believed you!  

Also over the weekend we finished up a bunch of hand painted signs and die cuts that are all going to a very special home. 

 These two are a couple of my faves.

And lastly, here's a great little pic to send you off on your way. I walked in the room with the camera and called the little peanut. This is exactly how much he peeked. And then I think he went back to his nap. I love this teeny tiny speck of love.

Ok, just wanted to check in. We expect to get very creative over the next couple of weeks. We hope to have some great stuff for show & tell!

thanks for reading, xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. You two are so so neat! I follow you on IG too and I love seeing your work. You inspire me so much. My goal for this year is to bring more color into my life and being a New Yorker I tend to lean ot darker colors. Your artwork is a reminder of how much fun color can be and I think that what the two of you do is amazing. Keep it up. There is nothing better in this life than doing what you are meant to do! xox Daffny (A Vintage Nerd)

    1. Hi! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for reading and following, and taking the time to comment. And thank you for the very kind words! It's funny… we surround ourselves with happy bright colors but we mostly wear all black! ha! I guess it balances. Here's to adding color to life! Love from the Jersey Shore! xo

  2. YES! I like to work on the floor too, sometimes. Mostly, I like to sort things on the floor (new supplies). But my back doesn't like it! Hehe.

    1. yessss to sorting things on the floor, and yessss to back aches! ha! It's amazing hoe little kids can lay around in the craziest positions and not feel a thing. the aches and pains sneak up on us. ha!

  3. An original from M.E.!? That is totally amazing! I adored her growing up. You guys are officially art world celebrities!!

    1. Yes! Totally crazy right?! Just wowzerr! I was cherry and checkered obsessed back in the day! Thanks so so much! ha! xo

  4. Hi Jenny! Hi Aaron! I can not TELL YOU how much I LOVE your art and your hearts! Every time I read Lieutenant Dan I hear a "Forrest Gump" voice in my head saying the name...which just makes me go "Awwwww" EVERY.TIME. Such dear people to rescue that sweet little guy...I support Bernie and her work at A Place to Bark...I was SO SO happy you and Lt. Dan (there's that voice again) found each other! Thanks for the update! I love seeing pics of your art, home and little chihuahua loves! (Old man Carlos is precious too!) HUGS!

    1. Ohhhh Thank you very very much for the incredibly kind words Paula! So sweet! Ha! yes Lt. Dan has just stolen our hearts. We still can't believe he is ours! And yes! Bernie is AMAZING! We are so thankful to her for everything she does! Again, thank you so so much for your kindness! Big hugs right back atcha! XO


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