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Well today brought some much needed sunshine. Some artists are into rainy days in the studio. They love being holed up in their cozy space, working away to the calming soundtrack of rain. And I totally get that…I've been there. But at this stage of the game, me and Aaron want nothing but sunshine. We aren't fans of artificial lighting. We need natural sunlight for mixing paint colors, making sure they're the exact tone we're looking for. And most importantly, we need natural light for taking photos, which we do on a daily basis. We're always taking new product photos for our shop, or snapping pics of what we're working on for the blog or Instagram. Artificial light is just the pits. 99% of my photos are shot using natural light and only natural light. I never ever use flash, and make sure to shut off any interior lights when taking a photo. The colors are just truer. So on this very sunny day, prior to wrapping & shipping our blue cupcake die cut, I had to snap a pic of it displayed with our vintage ice cream cartons. It just looked so fun...all of the blues popped!

The past few weeks have been super busy for us. We've been working on lots of die cuts, and plaques, and custom orders, as well "home stuff". We were pretty pleased with the amount of orders we managed to complete over these past few days. 

Here's a a small portion of the die cuts that just shipped. It's so hard to say what our best seller is. We really sell lots of cupcakes, and the macarons do great, and lately we've been shipping lots of doughnuts. But our Pancakes have really really become a collector favorite! Every batch of orders includes Pancakes. Maybe because they really could work in any style home. They're probably our least "girly" piece…we notice that lots of guys order the Pancakes. And they can fit into retro or modern decor. Plus…who doesn't like pancakes?

Speaking of cupcake diecuts…here's another that shipped off to a new home. Our jumbo chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles is such a classic! I'd love to see it hanging in a kid's room!

We love wrapping orders up in our signature pink tissue and tying them with baker's twine. And before each package is sealed we throw in a tiny taste of the Jersey Shore...our favorite salt water taffy.  

This part of the job never gets old to us…the wrapping and packing, and writing Thank You notes, and tossing in candy and some shimmery gold confetti. And finally, wrapping all of the boxes in kraft paper and stacking them by the front door, all ready to be whisked off to the post office. On big shipping days both of us are in a super bright and cheery mood. We've got music blasting and we're very high energy…running around, jumping from task to task. We look like two people who's ultimate dream in life would be to work in a high volume mailroom. :)
But at the heart of it, it isn't the nature of the actual work that excites us. It's what the work signifies that raises our spirits. These stacks of boxes mean that our artwork is headed to new homes all over the world. We're thrilled at the idea of our work becoming a happy addition to the lives of all of these wonderful people. Seriously…we truly are that corny an emotional about what we do. 

Me and Aaron were just talking about last holiday season. It was one of our most busy to date! It made us so so happy filling those orders last year. We made hundreds of ornaments, and our days and nights melted into one another. There weren't any breaks in our production, not a minute to catch our breath…I can't even recall how we found the time to do our Christmas shopping. We were at the post office with dozens of boxes on a daily basis all season long. And before we knew it, it was all over. Late October through late December was one big pastel, glittery, festive blur.
 And then, we got the best gift of all…happy customer photos started popping up on Instagram. And there were also tons of pics from others who had received our pieces as gifts. So so fun!

We are so ready for that experience again. Just today a big box of holiday supplies arrived on our doorstep. We are gearing up for hopefully a repeat of last holiday season. That would be amazing!! 

So, remember how I mentioned above that 99% percent of my photos are in natural light? Well, here's an example of the leftover 1%.  
Dearest little Lieutenant Dan, his ears perked up, listening to the enchanting sounds of the pantry door, measuring cups and spoons, whisking in mixing bowls…yes, Daddy was baking up some banana nut muffins. 
The glow of the lights on the mantel make me even more excited for the holiday season. In case you missed it, we blogged a tutorial for those very lights the other day.

Well, it's Wednesday, I hope your week has been treating you well, and if not…I hope it turns around for you. There's still time right? :) 

Thanks so much for popping in!
xo Jenny… and Aaron says hi!


  1. I love seeing pictures of Lieutenant Dan all settled into his new home!

    1. Thanks for saying that! It's crazy, me and Aaron were just saying the same thing to each other. We love just watching Dan and seeing how he's getting more and more comfortable with his everyday life with us. We just gave him some apple for the first time and he loved it…so funny watching him chomp on it. We love experiencing "firsts" with this little guy!

  2. You both are so talented and deserve every bit of the business that comes your way! Oh and did I forget to mention... you two are super talented artists and have a creative souls. Always fun to see a glimpse into your goings on! Have a great weekend~

    1. Wow, that is so incredibly nice of you Diane! Thank you!!! We try to share whatever we can. We hope to share a lot more in the weeks to come. Tutorials are our favorite, and we hope we can find the time to do more of them. Thanks again for your kind words! Made our night!

  3. Your opening pic is just perfect! I hear ya about that natural light!
    I'm off to read your tutorial about the little lights!

    1. Oh thanks so much! Yeah..nothing like natural light! Colors are true…images are crisp. Hope you'll make some light covers of your own! If you do, we'd love to see pics! :) xo

  4. Super cute post! I love your little creations and on instagram blogger's posts get lost in the feed, and now that I am back to blogging, it's fun to start reading the ones I follow as well! :) I love how you guys are following your dreams of having your own business the way you do! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

    1. Hey sweet girl! Thank you very very much! So kind! Yeah…for so many, Instagram has kinda taken over for blogs. Blogs used to get 40-50 comments on any random day, now comments happen on instagram or Facebook. It's all strange and interesting. Kinda makes me dizzy when I think of how many people we actually "interact" with on a daily basis…even if it is just with emojis! ha! Welcome back to blogging! xoxo


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