Fresh from the studio…happy news and happy mail.

Time to Make the Donuts...and the cupcakes, and the macarons, and the cake, and the pizza…and the kitty cats. We've been saying it for years…we feel like a bakery. Of course there's the visual similarities…and then there's the way we work. Batches and batches of handmade goods all lined up...drying as if they're on cooling racks…waiting to be frosted…or varnished…and then the dozens of sweet items are nestled into pink bakery boxes and tied with classic bakers twine.

We try to orchestrate our workday so that all of items get finished in the evening. The following morning we come downstairs to our worktable which is stacked with the pieces we finished the night before, plus bakery boxes, tissue paper, our big jar of taffy, little bags, Thank You stickers, and a couple varieties of shimmery confetti. 
This way, the dirty work has all been completed, and the workday at hand is solely about making everything pretty and presentable. 

Besides all of the "time to make the donuts" days, we've had some other projects we've been chipping away at here and there. We love making use of our sticker sheets any chance we get. In the above project I used some of our "Talk & Thought Bubble" stickers. 
Looking at this pic I had a flashback to last winter. Aaron took one of these sweet gals and stuck her to the faucet to remind us to keep the water trickling so that the pipes wouldn't freeze. But guess what…the pipes froze anyway…a couple of days before we left for our trip to CHA in California.
 Oh geez I am so not ready for Winter. We're actually planning on another California trip for this Winter. Probably for February, or maybe even March. We've been dying to get back out there. We're working on setting up some teaching dates. I'll keep you posted when I learn more specifics. Can't wait!!

You might remember that we had hinted at something fun and exciting that involved our Art Journaling. Well we can let you in on it now…Yep, that's our names on the cover of the Autumn issue of Art Journaling Magazine, which is one of our absolute favorite mags! 
It's always packed with so much eye candy and features so many talented Art Journalers. Every issue is big and thick, and is book quality. We've heard from a few folks that they already have it. So check your local Barnes & Noble, Michaels, etc…it might be on the shelves right now.
I can't wait to get our hands on it! We have a 10 page spread and interview. Say whaaaat?! It's such an honor! 

The other day one of the sweetest packages arrived at our door, and it was totally unexpected. It was from our dear friend Julie…aka Wonder Woman. Julie not only beat cancer…she shared her experience with all of her friends and kept smiling the whole way through. So inspiring. And she's one of the sweetest gals we know…seriously gives the best hugs ever!  There were so many sweet things in this package...incredible homemade jam…lots of gifts…and up above is one of her handmade bracelets. So clever and crazy cute! Made with a vintage tin toy race car, which is even more lightweight than the beads. I love it! 

And while we are talking about cute things…you may already know that we are big big fans and collectors of vintage birthday party ephemera. These little plastic candle holders are not only in the original cardboard packaging…the cellophane is also unbroken. I adore the graphics! That cake is soooo cute.

And we also grabbed these vintage birthday party place cards. They melt my heart with their hand written names. 

Ok, that's it for now…just stopped in for a little hi and hello. Thanks so much for reading!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi and hello as well!  


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! CONGRATS on the feature ... will have to check that out!!!!!

  2. Ack reminds me that I need to try out your guys' stickers and cut outs for a project! So much cute! <3


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