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Hey, Happy October! It's my fave month! And for a bunch of reasons. I love the temperature, the cool breezes…I love layering on the clothing. And it's my Birthday month! Growing up, I often had Halloween themed birthday parties. Halloween birthday cakes, decorative bats hanging from the ceiling along side pink balloons. 
I better start making plans for my b-day. It's just a couple weeks away. I'm thinking that we might go into NYC for the day and finish it off with an amazing dinner.

I'm also pretty darn excited for Art Is You! It's next week! One week from today we will be up in Connecticut surrounded by the Art Is Family! Old friends and new! We'll be teaching a Friday night class and we'll have a table at the market on Saturday. So this is going to be one of those crazy weeks. We're sure to be running around like lunatics. 

And once we get back home we will begin our Holiday Hustle! We'll launch headlong into gearing up for the holiday season. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's first take a moment to acknowledge the holiday that is closest by at the moment. We just added our classic Haunted House cake wood mounted prints to the shop! It's an 8 x 10 plaque, and comes ready to hang! And yes…you can use code: EATMORECAKE for 20% off! 

I'm such a big fan of creepy cute! And sometimes all it takes is a small gathering of vintage wallpaper being danced upon by spider confetti.

 The other day while some diecuts were drying, I took a little bit of time to organize things in the studio. While I was going through all of my favorite vintage tags, cards, and other vintage ephemera, I was once again reminded of how much I love making and collecting them. Totally one of my all time fave "leisure time activities". Some of this stuff goes back to my early days of blogging… and all of those fun swaps we used to do here in blogland! 

I snapped this pic the other day because I love the look of the diffused late afternoon sunlight on the east side of the house. This is one of two black chalkboard walls in our kitchen. And of course those are faux cakes (though every single time we've had cable guys and the like inside our house they always assume the cakes are real…and they ask things like "When does the party start?").
  Oh and you may remember those shadow boxes that you can see peeking in on the left and right. I love how they look on the black wall. They're so cute and pretty with their scalloped frames and candy colors, and set against the black the contrast is just perfect. 

And look who got a new bow tie! Dapper Dan! ; )

This is pretty much the daily scene around here. Diecuts galore! This here is the step when we trace the shapes of our prints onto our boards. We do our best to waste as little wood as possible. After this step we then cut them all out on the scroll saw and sand them super smooth before mounting the prints.

And even after the prints are mounted there is still plenty of work to be done. Each one gets lots of hand painted details and highlights, and the edges are painted to carry the design over so that they're three dimensional art pieces. 
It's a lot of work, but we love it. We are looking forward to the holiday season like you wouldn't believe. We cannot wait to slide back into busy busy elf mode. 

Tomorrow is going to be a super full day. Just thinking about it makes me kinda dizzy. I have a feeling that pretty soon I'm going to blink, and when I re-open my eyes it will already be time to drive up to Connecticut! 

Thanks bunches for popping in!! Hope you guys had a great week!

xo Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Yay happy birthday month! I'm planning a couple of days in the city too this month (16 & 17). When will you be there??

  2. Oooo! Love the big pink fluffy pillow behind Dapper Dan! My mother used to make those back in the 50's! I had a lovely golden one! Wonder whatever happened to it?

  3. WOOO Happy October!!! September is my birthday month, but I love October the most.

    I'll see you guys next weekend! yay!!


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