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My gosh…it's mid October, and it's still t-shirt weather. If Aaron had his way, it would stay this temp forever. I myself enjoy cool crisp Autumn weather. I'm totally not into the cold…but I like the idea of wearing layers in the Fall…good ol fashioned sweater weather. But I'm sure these warm temps are going to disappear overnight, and we'll be on the fast track to winter. Oh well. Right now we're getting caught up with work, and we'll soon begin the Holiday Hustle in earnest. Work-wise, it's the most rewarding time of year. Already we're getting lots of messages and emails asking about our handmade ornaments. It feels so awesome to be part of somebody's holiday wish list!
Some of the following Friday Favorites are part of my holiday wish list for sure. I get so excited to see the seasonal offerings of fellow artists and makers.
 Up above and below you'll se the work of The Frosted Petticoat, whom I discovered through Instagram. Yes, as you can see, The Frosted Petticoat specializes in darling whimsical chocolates. The above 1920's bride and groom made my heart melt! Do they look familiar to you? Go ahead and scroll up, and take a look at the center image of my blog banner! How cool is that?!

Check them out atop this amazing cake!

And I love the verdigris look of this Lincoln pop.

And this cutie made me think of my dear friend Jennifer Hayslip. Not only is it completely her style…it also could totally be the mascot of her Pink Ellie Photography.

And of course The Frosted Petticoat has the most adorable packaging.

This right here is what I was mainly referring to when I said that I'm excited to see the latest offerings from fellow artists. These tiny handmade knives and accessories are the incredible work of Tumbleweeds Handcraft. Aaron really loves the above knife and cutting board charm set, since he's the guy on cutting board duty every single evening. That knife looks exactly like the one Aaron uses! I really can't get over the amazing work that Beca and Doug of Tumbleweeds do. 

We have a friend who is a professional cook and he would absolutely love this one!

Can you even handle the Cleaver?! How can something be so adorable and so tough at the same time? ha! I love their stuff!
What you see here really barely scratches the surface of what Tumbleweeds Handcraft does. To see more, make sure to check out #tinyknife on Instagram. And their shop!

And yeah...these caged crow string lights are way at the top of my wish list. There's a corner of our living room just screaming out for these.

I'm hoping Aaron reads this blog post…cause ya know…my birthday is very very soon…and one of these Party Banner necklaces from would be the perfect gift! ; )

I had seen these a few years ago and loved them, but I couldn't remember where I had found them. Well, once again, big thanks to Instagram…I found them again! And now I can pass on the discovery to you. These Wood Doily Coasters are by uncommon.

And I love this darling larger one. It comes in a handful of pretty colors. They've got something for everyone! I really think I need some of uncommon's work in my life .

I'm swooning for this Heart Candy dress from Mod Cloth. I've got lots of cream & black heart pattern stuff. For me it totally works as a neutral. A classic base for any outfit.

Just this evening I was so excited and happy to re-connect with an old flickr friend! Boopsie Daisy! Missy's work has been a favorite of mine for years! Pure magic! Over the top cute! Electric pastels! Kitschy cute! 
I think Bust Magazine said it best:

"Imagine a 1950s diner on an acid trip & you’ll land at boopsiedaisy, who's prints are like pages torn out of an ongoing creepy-cute fairytale that could easily be turned into a Tim Burton film." - BUST magazine

This one is so incredibly FUN! I can't take it! 

So many amazing prints in the shop that you just have to see for yourself! And check out her dolls!!

Ok, I hope I've made some fab additions to your own Holiday Wish List. I know…we're not even at Halloween yet…but trust me when it comes to art and handmade stuff, you gotta plan your shopping early!
 Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Jenny, you always manage to find the cutest stuff out there!! Love the caged crow lights! And the wooden doily coasters are too adorable! I adore the pink chocolate vintage bride and groom! So fun!! And the heart dress is darling! Love me some black and white! When David and I got married people asked us what colors we wanted for our gifts for our house and we said black and white. People though it was weird. :)


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